The Official Shades of Mud Run Guide

Yeah, Ryders Eyewear makes ridiculously cool styles (this is just a tiny sample below, click to see all the Men's Women's & Kid's styles), but it's the lenses that really stand out – or at least make every detail you're looking at stand out!

Photochromic lenses darken and lighten depending on lighting conditions, so you're always running or riding with optimal vision!

The frames are extremely durable, and the fit is great – we highly recommend these specs because we wear them ourselves! Check out the “Face GX” model below – they have a dirt & mud gasket that are PERFECT for all the dirty conditions you'll find at most OCR's! (See Brett's Review below)

Ryders Eyewear already offers some amazing prices compared to other brands that are way inferior – you can save $10 and get Free Shipping by using this Mud Run Guide – only code at checkoutMudrunguide2014

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From MRG's Brett Stewart:

“Prior to hooking up with Ryders Eyewear, I considered myself lucky enough to secure free Oakleys through some industry connections. Of course, they are the biggest, most well-known brand and I was willing to overlook some cheap & flimsy frame construction because of the big “O” logo on the side – I was clearly blinded by the brand. The $160 pair of racing glasses I had constantly had a nose piece falling out and were vented pretty poorly, during Ironman I pulled 'em off because they were driving me nuts during the run. My daily-wear Gascans were well over $100 retail, but felt flimsy and plastic from the day I got 'em.

My first pair of Ryders were the Caliber Photochromic, and I was hooked – not only were they very solid on my face during the run, they adapted to lighting conditions like a charm – and that makes a huge difference when running or biking mountain trails when you're going from light to shadow all day. I picked up a pair of Hex for marathon running, and was immediately impressed by how light they were without feeling cheap, and the lens venting prevented sweaty eyebrows too! From there, it just gets nuts… all my shades are Ryders now and I've given away all of my old Oakleys with absolutely no regrets.

Specs on my Specs:

Daily Wear: Rockslide

Road Biking: Grand Fondo & Via

Running: Hex

OCRs: Face GX & Hijack