You're already a multi-sport athlete, let's explore some new adventures!



It's Not Just About OCR or Triathlon…

As the sport of OCR continues to evolve, athletes have jumped in from all other sports: Track & Field, CrossFit, Cycling, Skiing – and of course there are millions of beginners too. Endurance events are no longer confined to one simple definition; if an ultramarathon like Antelope Canyon contains natural obstacles, it creeps closer and closer to an obstacle race. Off-road triathlons and cyclocross events have a lot in common with OCRs in terms of grit, strong mental and physical determination, not to mention one unifying factor – MUD.

Triathlon has enjoyed full use of the term “multisport” for the past 4 decades, and now OCR, scrambles, swim/run, and other events are claiming it as well!

Mud is in Our Name – We're Really About All ADVENTURES

With Mud Run Guide's acquisition of Mud and Adventure in late 2015, we've been building a hub for all sports – obstacle course racing to ultramarathons, triathlons, and much, much more. Mud Run Guide co-founders Brett Stewart and Chris Lewis actually met due to triathlon training, and probably have about 100 tris under their belt over the years. Brett even wrote 7 Weeks to a Triathlon with pro triathlete Lewis Elliot a few years ago as an homage to his love for the sport.

Starting in 2016, we're looking to expand the multisport adventures even more; first by a cross-over with our sister company, TRI PHX LLC hosting the Rocky Point Triathlon, Tempe International Triathlon, and Empire State Marathon. During the season, we're also planning to launch a few new & innovative events encompassing elements such as cyclocross, obstacle course racing, swim/run, and adventure racing. Stay tuned!