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Who's your pick for #WDWC domination? Hunter? Hobie? Cody? It's a deep field, check out this article from our friends at Mud & Obstacle Magazine


Race Overview

Mud Run Guide went out on the course Friday night, and got a preview of the course. Check out our exclusive features of all the obstacles below!

Warrior Dash World Championships 2014 Race Results

Men's Warrior Dash World Championships 2014 Race Results

1Max King$30,0003422:34.556:16/M
2Hobie Call$10,0003723:25.156:30/M
3John Yatsko$5,0002523:32.756:32/M
4Cody Moat$3,0003624:02.156:41/M
5Brakken Kraker$2,0002724:32.306:49/M
6Hunter McIntyre 2524:37.656:50/M
7Ryan Woods 3524:53.106:55/M
8Mark Husted 2724:58.306:56/M
9Ken Corigliano 3425:21.357:03/M
10Ryan Atkins 2725:25.857:04/M
11Veejay Jones 1625:32.507:06/M
12Brian Gregg 3025:49.307:10/M
13Knut Hoehler 3125:52.107:11/M
14Marco Bedard 2825:56.557:12/M
15Todd Buckingham 2526:10.707:16/M
16Nick Sigmon 2826:19.907:19/M
17Joshua Zwonitzer 2426:24.557:20/M
18Kyle Oneill 2526:46.057:26/M
19John Howell 4027:06.157:32/M
20Miles Bartlett 2627:26.057:37/M
Women's Warrior Dash World Championships 2014 Race Results

1Kimber Mattox$30,000 27:51.907:44/M
2Renee Baillie$10,000 29:39.858:15/M
3Julia Webb$5,000 30:02.258:21/M
4Gudalupe Merlos$3,000 30:44.158:32/M
5Rose Wetzel-Sinnett$2,000 30:50.158:34/M
6Kiki Taul  30:55.008:35/M
7Claude Godbout  32:10.058:56/M
8Erin Brooks  32:21.408:59/M
9Caitlyn Gregg  32:32.259:02/M
10Paola Reategui  32:45.859:06/M
11Maria Welin  32:45.859:06/M
12Corinna Coffin  32:57.509:09/M
13Ashley Samples  33:41.609:21/M
14Cassidy Watton  33:55.759:25/M
15Michelle Ford  34:16.959:31/M
16Angela Wideman-Powell  34:29.159:35/M
17Heather Wheeler  34:38.059:37/M
18Sabrina Woodford  35:16.559:48/M
19Chaelea Johnson  35:35.959:53/M
20Stephanie Wallace-Steenhof  35:46.509:56/M

Post Race Analysis & Interviews

Kien Lam pulled together comprehensive coverage of the Men's and Women's races, along with some of his award-winning photography. Check out the full wrap-up
Learn more about Kien's amazing journey from exile to world traveler here.



Men's Wrap-Up

Women's Wrap-Up

Post-Race Interview with Men's Winner Max King

Post-Race Interview with Women's 5th place finisher, Rose Wetzel-Sinnett

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