I was 25 years old when attending nursing school in San Antonio, TX July 15, 2012 I was stabbed twice while aiding and protecting a dear friend. In the process I was stabbed once in my upper left chest and once to my left abdomen (flank).

From being a very avid runner/cyclist/marathoner to hospitalized and bed ridden I became very depressed and to top it off I was unable to continue nursing school due to my absence.

One night, while I was staring at the ceiling  and scheduled for another pain pill, I thought to myself, “I can't take this anymore!! I need to find something to get me back in to my groove.” So I started surfing the net and stumbled onto Spartan Race.

I don't know how many times I played their promotional video, but each time I watched it I became more determined to conquer their event when it was next available in Texas (May/2013).

I began training as soon as I was somewhat fully recovered, which was January of 2013. Then one night as I was scrolling through FB I read that Joe D and the Spartan Race crew were coming to Austin Tx and hosting a workout the very next day!!! I didn't get much sleep that night at all. I was so anxious!!

spartan 4

When I showed up to my surprise there was only one other person there. I thought it was Joe, but it was really some other guy who was there for the workout. We had arrived before the crew and everyone else. Then that was it. The crew showed up and no one else!!! Man did they give us all their attention and put us through hell and back with that workout!! At the end of the workout Joe De Sena granted us the Golden tIcket (Free Spartan Races for Life).First time ever in the history of Spartan Race!!!

That was one of the most amazing moments in my entire Life!!!

Fast forward to present time. I now currently operate my own OCR gym/training facility, was assigned by the city as Race Coordinator for a local Mud Run they were hosting, and am Leader of the Lone Star Spartans (South Texas Chapter.) Last weekend 3/8-3/9 I was asked by Don Davaney to lead a brief section of the spartan 300 workout tour in Dallas and Houston. The experience was amazing and unforgettable!!!


Spartan Race has truly changed my life and I've impacted so many others because of it. Joe, Andy, Don and the rest of the Spartan Race crew are super amazing peeps and very motivating individuals. AROO!!

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