This past weekend was another busy weekend in obstacle racing and the entire OCR industry. BattleFrog moved north up to New Jersey. Spartan Race was in both Boston and Dallas. Shale Hill celebrated Father's Day with a relay race, and Tough Mudder had participants climbing to new heights in British Columbia. Check out the OCR World Rankings to see where your favorite athlete ranks.

11059193_984144704949944_1049374902847832701_nBattleFrog Tri-State

BattleFrog Series headed to the Tri-State area this past weekend. Christopher “Beard” Accord designed another challenging course that pushed many of the participants. The newest obstacle addition was the Platinum Rig, the infamous obstacle to anyone who raced the 2014 OCR World Championships. The course drew many of the top competitors with Ryan Atkins and Marc Andre Bedard battling it out for first place. One the women's side Claude Godbout and Corinna Coffin battled for top of the women's podium.

Godbout said of her win, “Winning gold at the BattleFrog series in Tri-state was one of the best birthday gift I could ever ask for. The fact that it wasn't an easy race since my good friend and teammate Corinna Coffin battled for first place the entire race made it even more special!”


Race Results:

Elite Men Elite Women
Name Team  Time   Name Team  Time
Ryan Atkins  BattleFrog Series  1:23:42 Claude Godbout BattleFrog Series  1:43:26
Marc Andre Bedard BattleFrog Series  1:24:24 Corinna Coffin  BattleFrog Series  1:45:51
Brian Gowiski  Team Apex  1:24:59  Ashley Samples  1:57:04

11540920_10100786033524339_4253417121918560945_nSpartan Race Super Boston

Spartan Race debuted a new venue this weekend in Barre, Massachusetts just outside of Boston. The super was the first to grace New England and had many making the trek there from the city. New England Spahtens had over 500 members in attendance at the race. But it was Junyong Pak the two time World's Toughest Mudder winner that would claim his first Spartan Race Podium of the year. Orla Walsh traveled from Colorado to take top honors for women.

Walsh commented about the course, “The new venue in Barre has its own new challenges… the footing was super uneven/ swamp like terrain and very challenging! Fun course, great for the inner runners! Had a blast with some amazing athletes!”

Race Results:

Elite Men Elite Women
Name Team  Time   Name Team  Time
Junyong Pak  OCR Gear 1:07:11 Orla Walsh Spartan Race 1:19:38
Ethan Nedeau Acidotic Racing 1:07:41 Jackie Landmark  Oral IV 1:20:01
Mile Barlett  Nor'Easter OCR 1:08:00

Taylor Witkiewicz

Team burgh 1:26:56

1977345_10100153978238706_5380404674270765366_nSpartan Race Stadium Sprint Dallas

The AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys featured a Spartan Race Stadium Sprint over the weekend. The race was held throughout the stadium as well as on the field itself. Participants ran down the field as they reached the finish line. On the competitive side it was a family affair with the Kraker brothers Brakken Kraker and McCauley Kraker taking first and second in the elite race. Isaiah Vidal finished third. One the women's side it was Kate Cramer who took top honors with Jackie Rust in second and Megan Boyd in third.

Brakken Kraker said this of the weekend. “The opportunity to race, with my brother, at one of the most impressive stadiums in all of sports made for my best race experience of the year!”

Race Results:

Elite Men Elite Women
Name Team  Time   Name Team  Time
Brakken Kraker Spartan Race 35:32 Kate Cramer Spartan Race 42:12
McCauley Kraker Spartan Race 39:03 Jackie Rust Spartan Race 42:26
Isaiah Vidal Spartan Race 39:07 Megan Boyd 50:44

11219364_845786255459271_717744686241159006_nShale Hill Relay

Shale Hill celebrated Father's Day in it's own way – with a relay obstacle race. Rob Butler could think of no better way to spend the day with his friends and family than putting on a race. Butler said, “”Comarraderie at its best…. Shale Hill Adventures Obstacle Relay race” an event bringing families together. Paul Jone of New England Spahtens packed his family in the car after the Spartan Super on Saturday and made the family made their way to Shale Hill.

He said this of the race, “The Relay Challenge packed 20+ obstacles into each two mile relay leg, and proved that even a short sprint at Shale Hill is as challenging as any other event out there! Another fantastic event.”

Norm Koch was even spotted on course enjoying himself at Shale Hill, spending his Father's Day racing on a team that included his wife, Debbie Koch.

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