Here is the first episode of the OCR Video Blog from Matt “The Mudder” Willis. This week, we are covering a legendary obstacle from the American Ninja Warrior franchise: The Unstable Bridge. Learn the technique needed to fly through this obstacle and hear the crowd shouting “Beat that wall!” (Warped wall, coming soon.) If you have any comments, question or ideas for other obstacles and content in the future, we want to know! Please leave a comment on the video so we know what content you want to see next! Be sure to subscribe because the content will be created based in your comments and suggestions.

Special thanks to American Ninja Warrior Finalist David Yarter, and city finalist Vance Yarter (#muscleninja) for allowing us to film in your facility, Power Park Fitness.

This episode you will learn:

  • The basic form the the Unstable Bridge.
  • Proper hand placement, and movement.
  • How to build a powerful swing.
  • How to land on the second bridge without falling.

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