Dr. Bobby Newman – Long Beach, NY

How does this person typify a humanitarian as described in the definition?

Bobby provides treatment and training all over the world, often as a volunteer. As will be seen in the next section where I will provide specific examples, Bobby engages in direct treatment, fundraising and general support to people with disabilities and terminal illnesses and their families and has done so steadily for decades. Here are just a few examples:

1. Bobby provides treatment, training and support all over the world. In addition to often volunteering his treatment and trainings, He has donated literally thousands of copies of books he has authored to organizations and individuals.

2. For the past 11 years, Bobby has raised money for the Make a Wish Foundation by swimming in the Long Beach Polar Bear Swim, swimming in the frigid Atlantic on Superbowl Sunday as a member of the Long Beach Polar Bears and raising tens of thousands of dollars for seriously ill children. He has encouraged dozens to donate and to begin swimming in the frigid water themselves.

3. Bobby volunteers guiding individuals with autism in marathons.

4. Bobby donates his medals from various marathons, half marathons, and obstacle course races to the Medals for Mettle non-profit organization, distributing these medals to children who are experiencing serious medical treatment for potentially life-threatening illnesses. This program gives encouragement and recognition and hope to those who need it most.


Provide 1-3 examples of the nominee’s selfless acts within the past 12 months

1. This past April, Bobby volunteered and guided a runner with Autism Spectrum Disorder throughout the Boston Marathon. He spent months training with the young man and then ran alongside his young man for the full 26.2 miles.

2. For the second consecutive year, Bobby traveled from his home in New York to Nashville in order to run the St. Jude Children’s Hospital Marathon. In his role as “St. Jude Hero,” he has raised thousands of dollars for the hospital. He also raised money for the Wounded Warriors by running the Marine Corps Marathon and Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Central New York by running the Empire State Marathon.

3. Bobby quietly volunteers for families, providing even simple things like an evening of child-minding so parents who find it nearly impossible to find someone who is able to safely watch and care for their child due to his level of disability can have a night out. Just being able to have a night out to attend a work party or have a few hours of relatively carefree existence is only possible because of such volunteering and means more than someone who is not familiar with the disability can know.


Describe the major impact that this person has had on others’ lives

In addition to what was discussed above, Bobby has been a trainer and college professor and parent trainer. He has encouraged thousands to develop skills and take jobs helping others to learn to help some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Through this and his own direct treatment, he has helped so many people to develop their own skills and independence. He has encouraged hundreds to follow his example of giving back.


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