Howard Rodgers – Lawrenceville, Georgia

How does this person typify a humanitarian as described in the definition?

He gives his time when anyone asks, he never asks for anything in return, he genuinely just loves to see people happy.


Provide 1-3 examples of the nominee’s selfless acts within the past 12 months


He helps adaptive athletes at OCR races

He volunteers time at events to teach and train others

He volunteers as a real beard Santa

He runs kids races with kids whose parents can't

Describe the major impact that this person has had on others’ lives

During Christmas, he raised over $5000 for a women's shelter by donating his time as a real bearded Santa. He worked more than 25 events and gave every cent to the shelter. He went as far as dying his hair and beard and getting a certification into a brotherhood of Santa's. Plus he is an amazing dad who supports me and my younger sister in OCRs as well as other kids when their parents can't.

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