American Grit Finale

The season finale of American Grit is here. The Fox series reaches its end today after a hard-fought battle among competitors. In the American Grit Finale, participants are pushed to their limits physically and mentally. The episode starts at camp, and Tony finds out that Jim joins him as the sole member of his own team. Everyone reflects on the fact that they are on their way into their last evolutions.

Rorke comes to take his team out for target practice with water balloons. Nick and Jim join in some of the fun.

We are presented with the next evolution.

“Tired Out”

Race out to four obstacles; Tire Shuffle. Free a tire from a puzzle. Crawl through a mud pit. Put together a puzzle. Each obstacle has a tire of their teams color, they need to bring those back to the finish line area. The first one to collect their tires.  Tony breaks out to the front with Team Noah ending up last.

Jim ends up leading after the first obstacle. Team Noah is charging through the field they are fighting Team Tee for the first place spot and a ticket to the finals. Team Noah shows their efficiency and beat Tony to the last obstacle. The puzzle is complicated and stopping people. All teams are at the last obstacle are at the same time. Tony realizes the puzzle is more about the knots then the tire and is able to be the first one to make it free. He ends up winning guaranteeing his way to the finals.

John Cena informs everyone that there will be a reward from the Cadre later on. The Cadre brings in their mentors from their own service time. The mentors give them great advice on about thinking about it as a team, even if you are an individual. Noah reflects on the fact that it was 10 years to the day that he lost two of his limbs.  Noah reminds his team that even if they are physically separated on the course they will always be together.

Everyone talks about the last circus. Jim talks about needing to get in the head from whoever goes from Team Noah. Everyone is scared. Noah takes his team out for a little hike. He wants to hear who should be going into the circus. Jim is confident he get through the circus. Rorke sends Mario. Noah sends David.

The morning of the circus is pouring down rain. The endurance challenge is a treadmill version of a ladder, they must go up, over and around, press a button. They have 60 seconds to complete a lap. Mario breaks into the lead on the obstacle course David and Jim are neck and neck. Mario wins the obstacle course portion. There was a dogpile crash for the last advantage, Jim ends up beating David.

David figures out that he can max his rest by not pressing his button until there is one second or so left. They get through 42 rotations without a problem, then all of a sudden we are at 71 plus rotations, and then 90. Mario shows signs of fatigue and forgets to hit the button.

It is a serious mental mistake that costs him. Cena tells them they have 30 mins to get ready for the final evolution. The challenge today is all about facing your fears. The team that wins gets an advantage on the final circus. They need to go hand over hand on a zip line across a waterfall. Haze goes first and realizes she needs to lose the gloves. Goldie struggles but keeps pulling her way though.

Tony blasts through in just over 1 min. Mark makes it in 55 seconds. Claire and David keep it strong and Team Noah averages 1 min. Jim goes last. Team Noah wins the last evolution and the advantage. Cena comes in and talk to the teams about how proud he is of their journey. He states that he has a gift for the competitors.

It was their families. Families gave them the inspiration they needed. At the circus, they had been joined by the former competitors and members of the Cadre's former units. They will be running a circus. Then there will be a 15 min endurance challenge. The challenge is using a rope to support your body weight while being on a small platform. Then they turn around and run the circus again. And then the endurance challenge restarts. The last team standing wins. Team Noah has a head start as their advantage. Tony is in second.

Team Noah has a head start as their advantage. Tony is in second. They added several challenges including a barb wired mud pit. Team Noah finishes the first circus in first, Tony in second. Noah gets a 3 min advantage, Tony gets a 2 min advantage, Jim a 1 min advantage. They get through the first 15 min challenge without loosing any competitors. They run the circus a second time. Tony goes out to a lead but Team Noah is fighting.

They run the circus a second time. Tony goes out to a lead but Team Noah is fighting. Tony gets the 3-minute
advantage. There is a pile of bodies for the last advantages. Jim wins the 2-minute advantage while Team Noah gets the 1-minute advantage. Haze is the first one to struggle and David shows signs of fatigue.

Haze is the first one to drop. David falls out second. Goldie is out third. Team Rorke is eliminated. Jim is out forth. Team Nick is eliminated. Everyone at this point is struggling. They are fighting through the pain. Tony is out fifth. Team Tee is eliminated. Claire and Mark are the last two standing and the winners of American Grit for Team Noah.

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