Tough Mudder continues #ObstacleWeek counting down the top five fan-favorite obstacles. Today coming in at #2 is King of Swingers, the obstacle that makes you take a leap of faith and have you swinging for the bell. It takes guts, determination, and timing to get this obstacle right. Enjoy your favorite and some never before seen moments from the obstacle. Today is all about King of Swingers at #2.

King of Swingers

Throwback Obstacle Moment

King of Swingers has been a fan favorite since it was first introduced at World's Toughest Mudder in 2014. The obstacle combines all the best elements when it comes to an obstacle with a leap of faith, a swing, bell and splash at the end. Mud Run Guide contributor and multiple World's Toughest Mudder competitor shares this quick video with Mud Run Guide of he and his crew taking on the obstacle recently at a Tough Mudder.

Have you successfully rung the bell on this obstacle? 

Tips for Conquering King of Swingers

King of Swingers is an obstacle that takes teamwork and creativity. But don’t take our word for it. Check out this episode of Coachified. Learn how you too can successfully succeed at this fun and challenging obstacle.

It’s your turn share your favorite moments with Mud Run Guide. What is your story to tell about the obstacle? How have you conquered the obstacle? Have you built a human chain before or attempted to conquer the obstacle all on your own? Share your thoughts and story as part of #ObstacleWeek at Tough Mudder.

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