We caught up with Beni Gifford at Terrain Racing in Flagstaff, AZ to get the full scoop on his Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge experience; the strategy of what athletes to pick when putting together his team, working together to devise a racing strategy, and the battles behind the scenes that nearly tore The Comeback Kids apart, yet somehow fueled their victories all the way up to the finals – netting them each a piece of $250,00.

While we were chillin' (literally) in an icy cold pool, Beni dishes on:

  • Spartan Race World Champion Robert Killian's warning: “No one's beating the ninjas”
  • Going toe-to-toe with teammate Ian Deyerle on the need to develop a Plan C
  • The uncertainty of an unknown format
  • Facing off against OCR and American Ninja Warrior superstars
  • Hiding the news of The Comeback Kids' win for over 9 months
  • What will he do with the $50,000?

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