American audiences were glued to the television last night as Jessie Graff became the first women to ever hit the buzzer at the end of Stage 1 of the National Finals in Las Vegas. With friends, family, and the rest of the women of American Ninja Warrior cheering Graff made history. As Graff hit that buzzer she not only moved onto the next stage of the competition but also inspired a whole new generation of women and girls in the process.

Graff is a professional stuntwoman, holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a black sash in Kung Fu as well as is trained in several other martial arts. She is best known today as the stuntwoman for the ‘Supergirl” television show. In case you missed her historic run last night catch it here.

Jessie Graff Makes History at National Finale Stage 1

From all the women at Mud Run Guide, thank you, Jessie Graff, for giving us a strong and healthy role model for the next generation of women. We look forward to seeing how she does on the next stage of the competition!

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