Joe Di Talks SRWC “Experience”

Spartan Race‘s Director of Sport Joe Distefano covers the Spartan Race World Championship experience – what it will be like on the course for athletes running the Beast – and Ultra Beast courses this weekend at Lake Tahoe. Rules, tips, debunking Joe De Sena's earlier advice to “just stay home” and much more from our bud, the “VP of Badassery.”

Rope Climb Rules – Explained On-Course

Mike Morris, the Vice President of Productions takes Margaret out onto the course to cover the Spartan Race World Championship rope climb rule – what the change means now and how it was applied in the past, as well as important cutoff time restrictions for the Ultra Beast that you need to know!

Q&A With Joe De Sena Part 2

As athletes roll into Squaw Valley,  many have been asking Joe De Sena the following questions, the answers below were provided to us by Spartan Race VPP, Mike Morris. We'll keep you updated as more questions roll in from Tahoe.

Q: Can racers take off hydration packs in obstacles.

A: Racers must carry everything they bring on course with them through all the obstacles, including the swim, barbed wire, etc.


Q: Racers have received different emails regarding glow sticks – Do you need glowsticks ONLY for the Beast?

A: Headlamps are the only mandatory gear.  The athlete guide was updated to reflect that.  No glow-sticks needed


Official Spartan Race Rule Book

Download a copy of the Official Rule Book Updated 9/30/16


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