American Grit Season 2 Episode 2: Cena Does the Dishes

Now divided into teams, the competitors return to Camp Grit to find that their living quarters have been personalized. This is the first opportunity the new teammates have to get to know each other. George, Hannah, and Richard are enthusiastic about their teams, while Gill is feeling out of her comfort zone. Gigi is the only female on Team Grady; who have dubbed themselves the “Alpha Dogs”.  On the flip side, Shermon is the only male on Team Chole.

Breakfast amongst the competitors takes an interesting turn as Herman helps Gigi cook a crab she caught herself. Herman requests that the crab is honored with a prayer. Gigi does so by naming the crab Penelope and thanking it for its sacrifice. During Breakfast at the Cadre Compound John Cena discusses with the Cadre how the selection went. Burk, again, voices his disproval of Grady’s team choice, as he believes that Grady stacked his team with the strongest competitors. John Cena informs the Cadre of the advantages of their team winning the challenge. Not only will their team remain intact, but the Cadre from the winning team will get to choose from the losing team who will be sent to the elimination. Cena reveals that the theme of the challenge is sacrifice and dismisses The Cadre to prep their teams for the upcoming event. During challenge prep, Burk enforces that there are no hugs or crying going forward. Hannah begins to cry but quickly regains composure. Grady brings Team Green by the Lake where they have brought with them an item of sentimental value. Each of his competitors is asked to give up their item for the betterment of the team. Gigi does not feel her chap stick worthy enough as a tribute. She removes her last pair of false eyelashes as an offering.

The Team Challenge: Relay Race

For the first team challenge, each member of the team is given a medallion. The challenge consists of four gates. Each gate has a different task that only one member can complete. Upon completion of the task, the team member will exchange their medallion for a piece of flag poll that will be assembled at the end; thus proclaiming the winner of the challenge.  The first gate demands that one member of the team wear a shock collar for the remainder of the race. This collar will shock them each time they pass through the gates. Will from Burk, George on Grady, Carla from Riki and Shermon on Team Chloe volunteer to wear the collars. The teams make their way to the second gate where the shock collars do their work! The second gate, called the “Alligator Shake”, requires that one member must consume a shake that consists of puréed, boiled, alligator tail. Hanna inhales the shake without hesitation. Mike chugs for Grady, Scarlett for Riki and Natalie struggles to keep down her shake for Team Chloe. The competition heats up at the third gate. Upon approaching the sign the teams are informed one member must de-robe and remain naked for the duration of the challenge. Gigi, Richard, Chris, and Janessa strip down with no qualms.  Dashing to the final gate, Team Burk is in the lead. Teams Grady, Chloe, and Riki follow. “The Final player per team must commit to shave their head at the conclusion of the challenge” are the words read aloud by Herman.  This leaves Herman, Allison, Melanie, and Gill to shave their head if their team is to win the challenge. Burk and Grady are neck and neck at the flag raising. Alison from Team Chloe forgot to obtain the last piece of the flag at the last gate causing them to lose. Cadre Chloe is not happy with her teams to carefree demeanor at their loss, and threatens that “Things are going to be very different, very soon”. Team Burk triumphs over Grady. Melanie selflessly shaves her hair for the win and requests that her hair to be donated.

Back at Camp Grit Melanie gets to see her new haircut. Tearfully she explains the end of her 5-year relationship, and how finding her identity is finding her Grit. Grady lets the audience in on his mental game that he’s playing on the team members. Chloe lays down the reality for her team that one of them may be going home. Janessa does not want her to stay at Grit to be over as she is using this opportunity to break from her toxic marriage. Shermon plays the blame game on Alison and Team Chloe starts to erupt. The competitors discuss who Burk will be chosen for elimination. Across the lake, Burk discusses with the Cadre who he will be choosing.  Riki volunteers Scarlett as she does not feel she will be able to get through to her. Burke begins to pull competitors to the side whom he will be choosing for the elimination. Natalie from Red is first chosen. Gill from Yellow, who Burk feels is one of the strongest, is chosen next. Last, Burk chooses George from Green for the same reasons as Gill.

Elimination Morning

Grady and Riki spy on Carla as she runs around Camp Grit. Riki comments that Grady is a flirt and is only there for the ladies. She suggests that he is using it as some kind of tactic. Herman, Shermon, and George give each other some boxing tips. Competitors and Candre still are unaware of George’s lineage. Gill discusses with Riki her insecurities, and shares of her infidelity that has driven her to Camp Grit. There is a suggestion of interest between Melanie and Herman. Cadre Chloe calls Natalie out for mothering and not focusing on herself.  Red team is losing their shit. Chloe reminds her team they are there to draw off each other’s strengths and not call out their weaknesses. Natalie is determined to prove herself to Chloe and her team.

Hannah lodges a fishing hook in the back of her knee. Chris and Burk comfort her as the medic dramatically removes the lure. Grady and George go on a fishing trip and discover similarities. George admits his father is THE George Foreman. Grady is pumped! He takes George to catch a chicken with his bare hands. George snatches up a chicken effortlessly, impressing Grady.  The chosen competitors embrace their team and promise to return, then head towards Elimination.


FIRST Elimination Challenge at Gator Lake

3 platform frames, each equipped with a pull-up bar, sit on the edge of the dock.  The platforms will gradually be angled over the water until one competitor is forced to drop. All competitors are holding strong 15 minutes in when they are angled to the second position. Another 15 minutes pass and the competitors are still in it. In the 4th and final position (one hour, four minutes and counting) George and Natalie display discomfort. After much wiggling and fighting the force of gravity, Natalie falls. She is the first competitor eliminated from American Grit Season 2. Natalie rings out stating that she will be returning home heavy hearted but knowing she tried her best.

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