Spartan Race Virginia changed locations in 2017.  Last year, a very challenging Wintergreen Resort hosted the Super/Sprint weekend.  Rumors are that a change was made because of too much litter on the course, which upset Wintergreen management, which I think is totally fair.

It was also said that the shuttle up the mountain was too time-consuming for a smooth transition for Spartans.  So, this year Infinity Downs Farm hosted the Super/Sprint weekend.  The weather was warm and sunny and the people of Spartan were prepared with additional water stations.  The parking lot was an enormous oval.  For some participants, the walk to registration must have been close to 2 miles.  The festival area was located in a wide-open space with plenty of space for movement, but lacking shade from the intense sunshine.


The first 90% of this course was easy, compared to other Spartan races I have competed in.  Z walls, 8 foot walls, monkey bars and Herc Hoist were littered throughout the first several miles.  The dry weather meant that ropes and bars were not slippery, which made these obstacles very doable.  This 8+ mile course offered some rolling hills to climb, but nothing that resembles Wintergreen.  The times were very fast for anyone who could get a start before the afternoon heat settled in.  The course did take you through a large part of the surrounding forest and a handful of ankle deep streams.  The cold water was refreshing on the feet.

The three newest obstacles this year were all on hand.  Bender, an inverted ladder of bars came at about the 60% point in the course.  This is a fun, challenging obstacle that doesn’t seem to cause too many burpees.  Olympus and Twister are not nearly as forgiving.  These two obstacles came at the end of the course and matched up with the spear throw, provided me with the 90 burpees necessary to complete my 3 penalties.  Twister takes rhythm and technique and one obstacle I look to complete in the future.  Also towards the end of the course were the Multi Rig and Bucket Brigade.  The Rig only had rings this time, which made it somewhat easier to complete.  The Bucket Brigade was long but manageable due to the lack of any serious inclines.


Overall Thoughts:

This course was a confidence boost.  The fastest time of the day was 71 minutes.  It felt more like a Sprint than a Super.  I was impressed as it appears the littering was much improved from other events I have attended.  The festival area was lively with spectators staying hydrated with beer, wine and even some very tasty shaved ice.  I was disappointed to see that the merchandise tent had no Trifecta gear. Regardless of the challenge level the course provided, this was a great day.  There were beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and all those around me seemed to be having a great time out on the course.


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