American Grit Season 2 Episode 4: Secrets Are Revealed

The show opens with Hermon and Melanie snuggling.  The rest of the group discusses who will be returning from elimination. Richard remarks how he feels bad (assuming) that Hanna isn’t coming back. Scarlett thinks that it is Janessa who will not be returning.  Meanwhile, in Team Chloe’s bunk, Shermon and Alison practice their victory dance for Janessa’s return. Competitors and Cadre wait anxiously on the deck to see who will be returning from Elimination. Janessa addresses her team as she makes her way across the bridge. Hannah surprises everyone by remarking “it ain’t over yet” as she returns to Camp Grit. Richard and Scarlett are in shock that Gill has been eliminated.  Scarlett tells Richard that he is now the leader of Team Riki. The Cadre discusses the Elimination. Riki is worried that she is “Screwed,” as Gill was the glue for her team. Cena announces that this week’s elimination challenge will be a double elimination.

The teams get a wakeup call, boot camp style, from the Cadre. Blue, Green and Red Team quickly assemble and begin to make their way to the challenge. Carla is nowhere to be found as Yellow Team waits. Riki is furious that Carla still refuses to be a team Player. Carla takes her time putting on her makeup and claims she doesn’t care.


Team Challenge: Good ‘ol  Fashion Foot Race

Teams must get from point A to point B. Team members are tethered together at the waist by ropes and will be running through a muddy swamp. Teamwork is the goal over speed.

The teams line up at the starting log. Cena gives the go, and they are off!  Under the log, Crawling under the starting log, they instantly become wet and muddy. Green pulls ahead, with Red and Blue in pursuit. The Yellow Team is struggling to keep their pace but is still in the fight. Green Team reaches some very deep mud that causes them to fight on their hands and knees for the finish line. Red begins to gain, but Blue Team crawls past them. Team Grady reach point B and are the victors in the Team Challenge. Hannah injures herself in the thick of the mud and nervously tells her team that she cannot move/feel her arm.  She digs deep and pushes on, helping Team Burk finishes second. Team Chloe follows for third. Riki’s team is still struggling through the mud to finish. Carla and Scarlett are dragging Richard under the finished log. Hannah is taken to the hospital, while the rest of the competitors head back to Camp Grit to shower and rinse off in the lake.

Hannah in the Hospital:

30 miles away from Camp Grit, Hannah receives medical treatment.  The doctors prescribe her pain medication. This sends Hannah into a panic as she has never done drugs and is worried she is going to “see things.” She is adorable and hysterical all at the same time.  She is diagnosed with a sprained wrist and two sprained fingers. She is given a splint and sent on her way. She leaves the hospital, extra medicated, to return to her team at Camp Grit. She doesn’t know “what’s real and what’s nap.”

Burk assembles Melanie, Will, and Chris to discuss his plan. Burk had requested that Grady chooses Hannah for the Elimination challenge. Thinking that her injury is going to anchor their team’s ability, Hannah would “bow out gracefully” allowing Blue Team to have a chance in the competition. Burk is concerned that Grady will not honor his request. The Team agrees that this is the best decision.

Grady addresses the competitors on the deck and begins choosing who will be going to Elimination. He chooses Carla from Team Riki as he believes she is the strongest female competitor in the house. From Chloe’s team, he chooses Shermon. Finally, from Team Burk, Grady chooses Will. Leaving injured Hannah safe from elimination.

Elimination Morning:

Hannah is feeling better from her injury. The rest of the competitors begin to find out that George Foreman is “one of the Georges.”  Chris and Richard are stoked!  The rest of the day is spent with the teams receiving pep talks from their Cadre. Shermon shares that he and his family moved to New York from Guyana. His upbringing was a struggle, but his Mother made sure she was able to make things possible for her children.  Riki and Carla talk about the upcoming challenge. Carla is confident that she will be returning. Will confess to Alison that he self-doubts often. He is determined to see this challenge through.

Elimination Challenge: Don’t Let Your Ball Drop

Nestled above Gator Lake are three platforms and three large balls for each team, respectively. Competitors will balance themselves on the platforms and hold the ball extended over the lake. If a competitor loses control of the ball, it will swing out. Hitting a bell and signaling that person’s elimination. Reminder there will be two eliminations for this challenge.

Will, Shermon, and Carla take their positions. Grady and Cena watch from a floating dock. Shermon is the first competitor to take a chance and switch arms. Will follows suit. Riki begins to give Carla some inspiration when she is quickly shushed by Carla. Cena and Grady are shocked at Carla’s disrespect towards her Cadre. Riki is also not pleased. At the 20 minute mark, Cena announces that the competitors are no longer allowed to switch hands. Will requests that Burk speaks with him to help distract him from the challenge. 30 minutes in the fatigue has begun to creep, as well as an added element: mosquitos.  An hour in Will is the first to lose control of the ball. Will is the third competitor to be eliminated from American Grit. 2 and a half hours in, Cena challenges the remaining two competitors to make it to 3 hours. The competitors are losing their balance and struggling to maintain their hold on the ball. At the 3 hour mark, Shermon loses his composure and is the 4th person to be eliminated from American Grit. Surprisingly Carla is the loan victor of this Elimination Challenge.






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