American Grit Season 2 Episode 7: Role Reversal

The competitors are waiting to see who will return from the double elimination. Richard is apparently really comfortable with the crew as he lets off some gas. George asks Alison if she’s thought about how it will be if she is the sole competitor for team Chloe. Up until this point she hasn’t. Herman triumphantly makes his way across the bridge to Camp Grit. He is greeted with hugs and howls from Team Grady.

The Cadre discusses the Elimination challenge and the rumors of Alison’s manipulation. Chloe does not want to believe that Alison is capable of such deceitfulness, but wants to get in her head.  Cena drops one of his elusive hints about the upcoming challenge. Leadership will be the theme, and he promises to provide training equipment for this one.

Grady and Burk make no haste in spreading the rumor of Alison’s Buttermilk Ranch stunt to their team. Burk warns his team to stay away, and not trust her.

The Cadre discovers the training tools that Cena had promised. It is a jumble of boats, buckets of rocks and buckets of water balloons. Burk suggests that the competitors come up with their own training plan as he has no clue what to do with these items. The Cadre rushes off to find their teams to begin training. Grady decides to launch at Carla who is rowing over to shore. Richard and Riki return fire on Grady. The training turns in to an all-out water balloon fight.

Team Challenge: Leadership by Example. The Cadre Challenge

The challenge is set up almost exactly like last weeks Elimination challenge: A slide-esque rig, seated at 45 degrees. Instead of 2 grips for hand placement, there will be one handle above their head. Water will be constantly flowing making the rig and the hand grip slippery. The last remaining competitor will be the winner of the challenge. Oh, and this challenge isn’t for the competitors, it’s for the Cadre! The Cadre will hold on as long as they can. The last Cadre remaining at the end of the challenge will save their team from having to go to Elimination. The competitors and Cadre are excited!

Chloe, Riki, Burk, and Grady take their positions. Riki is confident that this will be her challenge. She is a weight lifter and boasts that her upper body strength is amazing. Alison asks Chloe what kind of motivation she needs. “Silence” is the answer Chloe gives Alison.

The Cadre take their positions. The water begins to flow and the challenge begins! The Cadre looks very calm and in the zone as they hang on the slide. Riki begins to shake out one hand at 5 minutes. As does Burk. At 10 minutes Burke gives some uncomfortable wiggles. Not long after the 10-minute mark, Burk loses his grip and is the first to fall. Chloe is struggling 15 minutes in, while Grady and Riki remain statuesque. Chloe is the next Cadre to take a dip. Riki is fighting hard to maintain her grip. Burk suggests Grady drop and “give her a win”. Cena barks that “we don’t give anything away here!” Riki struggles hard has her grip begins to fail. All of the competitors and Cadre are encouraging and cheering for her to maintain. This could be the first win for Team Yellow. Unfortunately, her muscles fatigue and her grip give. Team Grady Wins the team Challenge. Since Grady was the challenge winner, his Team will be the ones to pick who will be going to elimination.


Alison is the sole member of Team Read, and Carla is safe from elimination. Richard and Alison automatically will be headed to the Elimination Challenge. Gigi, Herman, and Michael are tasked with picking who they will send from Team Blue. Herman reminds his team that George was their team member and they promised Grady that they would make it, as a team of 4, to the final. Michael, however, reminds his team that in the end, it’s an individual winner. George is a formidable opponent, no longer a team mate. It might be advantageous to send him to elimination.

Team Burk is waiting on the dock as Team Grady makes their way across the grounds. The rest of the teams are rounded up for selection. Herman and Team Grady decide that this elimination is what Chris needs. Chris agrees that finding his Grit is the reason he came here and what better way than to represent his team in the challenge. This will be Richard, Alison and Chris’ first time at Elimination.

After selection, Hannah and Gigi discuss Janessa’s departure and the Buttermilk Ranch rumor. Chris is silently journaling and taking in the gossip. He does not agree that this is the Alison he knows.

The Next Day: Drama Drama Drama

Cena is feeling generous for the first timers. He has provided some tools to help train for the upcoming elimination. Riki takes Richard to the woods where they find a bosu ball (balance ball) and a rope.  Richard is confident in his balance skills as he shows off for the camera.

Back at Camp Grit, Gigi and Michael overhear Chris discussing with Alison the rumors that are being said about her. Chris’s intentions are to help Alison and make her aware. He does not consider that he is betraying his teammates. Michael makes a quick interjection on the patio and goes back inside to cook. Gigi is not at all thrilled with Chris’s blabber mouth.

Alison takes this new information to her Cadre, Chloe. Chloe asks Alison out right if she sabotaged herself with the Buttermilk ranch. Chloe wants to give her a chance to “fix it”.

Gigi tells Hannah and George about Chris talking to Alison. Hannah and George tell Chris that he should have kept his mouth shut. Burk arrives to defuse the situation. He want’s Chris to focus on the upcoming challenge, not on the drama at camp. He takes Chris out to train for the challenge and discuss what happened.

Alison pulls Hannah aside to discuss what has been said about her. Hannah is not happy that she has been confronted by Alison. When Chris returns she loses her mother loving mind and blows up on Chris.

At Cadre Compound, realizing that there is a potential for Chloe’s team to be completely eliminated, Cena announces that once a Team rings out, the Cadre ring out. Chloe does not want to leave, and neither do the rest of the Cadre.

Morning of Elimination

Before the challenge, Richard is getting PUMPED! He boasts that he has lost 15lbs since coming to the camp and is anxious and ready for the challenge. Chris and Hannah make up. Putting him in a positive mode and giving him confidence for the competition. Alison asks Chloe to wear her father’s dog tags for good luck.

Elimination Challenge: Balance on the Water

Three buoys are placed under ropes. Competitors must balance on the floating balls while using the rope to keep themselves from floating away. The first competitor to drop will be eliminated. There is a potential for an entire team and a Cadre to be eliminated in this challenge.

Competitors take their position. Richard struggles almost immediately to find his footing. Chloe jingles Alison’s father’s dog tags to send her confidence. Alison and Chris are solid. The challenge is a quick one as Richard falls, proclaiming “This was way easier on land!” He feels good with his time on Grit and is looking forward to his lifestyle change upon his return home. Riki gives Richard a letter about how proud she is of him. Alison is proud of herself and feels good about her chances.

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