American Grit Season 2 Episode 10: Who’s Got Grit?

17 competitors and four military Cadre arrived at Camp Grit ten weeks ago. Now stand four competitors and two Cadre. Let's see Who’s Got Grit for this final Episode of American Grit!

Hannah returns to Camp Grit to join Michael, Gigi, and Herman. Team Green is excited that Hannah has returned to join them in the final.  Grady and Burke invite the remaining members down to the lake to celebrate their accomplishments on a “booze cruise.”   Gigi reveals how much she could benefit from the quarter of a million dollars as she is in a tight spot.

After letting loose a little, the competitors return to Camp Grit to find Cena, Chloe, and Riki waiting for them. Cena reveals that at this point there are no more teams. They are all individual competitors, and the Cadre will not be assisting them going forward. Hannah is concerned that she will not have Burk by her side.

The Challenge: All for One, or Everyone for Themselves

Before the Challenge, Michael asks Gigi the most important question of the entire competition. Who is more attractive, Burke of Grady? She struggles with her answer but ultimately concludes that her Cadre is the more attractive of the two.

Competitors will be given a puzzle. Each piece is the face of a competitor that has been eliminated. The fastest person to put in order, from first to most recent, the eliminated competitors will be the victor. Not only guaranteeing them a spot in the finals, but they will be granted to power to pick two other competitors to join them.

The competitors methodically maneuver the giant portrait pieces around. Arranging the eliminated competitors in order of who left first. (There’s not too much action to describe here.) Michael is the first to complete his puzzle and is the winner of the challenge.

Later That Night

Michael must now decide who he will choose to ring out, and who will be joining him as the final three. Hannah is concerned that Michael will choose her to go home, as she is not an original member of Team Green. Grady has a casual conversation with Michael, trusting that he will make the right choice. Burke, however, gives Michael the “Drill Sargent” approach and causes him to dig deep within himself to find his Grit and Strength.

Michael discusses with Gigi his upcoming decision. Gigi says if she were in his position she would “want to stay Green.”

Michael meets with Cena and the Cadre to discuss what is the right strategy. Grady does not want Michael’s decision to be based on the winnings. He would want Michael to send Hannah home and keep the final three Green. Burk suggests that Herman be the one to be sent home, as he is the biggest competition for Michael.

The Cadre erupts into an argument. Riki, Burk, and Chloe begin to attack Grady in front of Michael, revealing all of his underhanded schemes from the start. Michael is feeling the heat amidst all this confrontation. Riki reminds the Cadre that they are here for Michael. Michael gets emotional thinking of going against his family. Everyone is getting hit by the feels.

Cena and Michael walk to the meeting spot and wait for the other competitors. Michael gets emotional as he is about to inform the competitors on whom he will send home. He addresses Gigi first, stating that she was underestimated from the start. He tells Herman how he’s come into his own, and reminds Hannah that she has stepped up constantly and that she’ll head home a strong woman.

Michael tells Hannah that she still needs to be here and he would like her in the final three. He turns to Herman and tells him that he has had a wonderful journey; taught everyone at Camp Grit something beautiful about life, but his journey has ended, and he must ring out. Herman, true to form, smiles large and holds his head up. He embraces the remaining team members, gives Cena, Grady, and Burk a hug. (Burk has the biggest tears of them all). Herman rings out. He’s going to see Melanie!

Final Competition: Hold On Tight!

Michael, Gigi, and Hannah make their final journey across the bridge. All of them feel proud and accomplished as they head to the final competition.

Competitors will be suspended 50 feet in the air. They will have to hold on to a cross bar, while also being pulled away. Cena will be asking questions that the competitors will answer with either their right hand (A) or left hand(B). Wrong answers result in holding on with only one hand for 3 minutes. Last competitor still holding on will be the winner of $250,000.

The competitors are harnessed in and lifted in the air. Michael repeats his new mantra “choose to win. Choose to win”.  Immediately Gigi and Michael look to be struggling.

Cena asks the first question.

Q: Which competitor did three Cadre ask to be on their team? A) Carla, B) Jill?

Each competitor chooses A) Carla. All competitors are correct.

40 minutes have elapsed before Cena asks the next question

Q: In the first team challenge, who wore the shock collar for Team Chloe.  A) Shermon B) Natalie?

Again, all competitors answer correctly; A) Shermon.

As the competitors reach their left hand for the bar, Michael almost loses his grasp!

An hour has passed. The next question.

Q: Who was Team Riki’s leader in the rowing challenge? A) Carla, B) Jill.

Once again all competitors answer correctly. B) Jill.

Fatigue has set in! Hannah loses her grip while trying to return her free hand to the T bar! She swears and begins to cry as she is lowered into the water. Burk hugs Hannah as she rings out and is eliminated.

Michael and Gigi are holding tight. Cena reminds them that one of the two will be the winner of $25,000.

Time for the next Question.

Q: Who was the last person picked for Riki’s team? A) Scarlett, B) Richard

Michael chooses A, but Gigi chooses B. Gigi has chosen wrong and will have to hold on to the bar for 3 minutes. Grady reminds her that she can do anything for 3 minutes.  Time elapses, and she resumes her position.

Cena starts to rapid fire questions. Gigi answers a question incorrectly, then Michael. They have been suspended for 2 hours. Cena announces that he is out of questions. The challenge going forward will be with only one hand until one competitor can no longer maintain their hold. Gigi and Michael each hold with their right hands. Michael begins to struggle…OH oh! Michael loses his grip!

“HOLY MOLEY THIS IS CRAZY!” exclaims Gigi, still holding her bar. Realizing that she has just won American Grit! Michael rings out, swelling with pride. Gigi, feeling like a boss, is congratulated by the Cadre and John Cena. The group howls in triumph.



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