On October 22, 2017, I was finally able to interview Terrain Racing's own Mr. LaShay Marks. The Virginia Beach location provided a wonderful atmosphere to conduct a sunny and fun interview. After numerous conversations with LaShay it is quite obvious his OCR experience has truly provided him a great deal of knowledge, which makes him an ideal person to discuss OCR training, and race day preparation. His honesty, appreciation for the OCR industry, and ability to lead by example is highlighted in this interview. Also, while at the Virginia Beach location, LaShay conducted his MC duties for the competitive wave, jumped in the Terrain Race starting pool, and then preceded to run the competitive wave with the other participants, including myself. LaShay finished 7th overall, and 1st in his age group. How did he celebrate this amazing accomplishment? He changed right back into his MC clothes and continued “pumping up” waves of participants, meanwhile stressing safety while running the Terrain Race.

The mental fortitude and grit needed to complete an OCR race can be extremely taxing on the body. But, the support along with the positive energy individuals like LaShay brings to races makes running the Terrain Race even more memorable. As I continue to participate in races, I will gladly show my appreciation for the significant details that make races enjoyable. Such as family, encouragement, and unity.  There is absolutely a strong sense of “I care” when it comes to discussing OCR with LaShay. An interview with him was long overdue. Thankfully, during a race wave intermission,  he was able to share some of his OCR thoughts, meanwhile enlightening us on his focal points as a gym owner.


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