This week on Training Tuesday, Mud Run Guide turns to Spartan Race for tips and tricks on how to train specifically for a Spartan Stadium Race. Unlike the rest of the Spartan Race offerings, Stadium Races lack the mud but make up for that with a unique set of obstacles and challenges unique just to stadium race.

This workout starts you out with a series of stretches to get you lose and ready to take this workout. The main workout brings you through a series of carries and pull-ups and finishes with a chipper workout to text you to the max. In this workout, you will need a few pieces of equipment that can be found at most gyms, or you can make your own tools with a little bit of creativity.


Warmup Stretches

For 3 Rounds

10 Steps Kettlebell Goblet Squat Carry

10 Walking Lunges

400 Meter Run

Strength Section

5 Heavy Weighted Pull-ups (or modification in video)

For 3 Rounds

60 second – Farmer Carry

2 Minute Rest in between Rounds

Final Chipper

5 Minute Buyin on Rower

30 Hand Release Pushups

30 Ball Slams

30 Box Jumps and Step Down

30 Burpees

5 Minute Buyout on Fan Bike

Stadium Races are often a great gateway into obstacle racing especially for those who do not like getting dirty. Also for your functional fitness friends, it is a great way to get them on the obstacle course and see how fit they really are when you mix in the cardio element.


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