Is Walking Dead one of your favorite shows?

Ever wonder what it would be like to be chased by zombies?



Zombie Charge offers you a unique obstacle racing experience, zombies included. The race series was started in 2013 with events in Connecticut, Houston, and Miami. It was one of the first zombie-themed races in the industry and allows racers to sign up as runners (called “survivors”) and be chased OR for the first time sign up as a zombie and get a makeover and chase runners.

While many zombie-themed obstacle races have come and gone in the obstacle racing industry. Zombie Charge continues to offer a unique combination of race and themed run which has allowed it to continue to thrive. With the races option of a 2nd ticket (that of running and being a zombie), theme, and ambiance including live bands, Halloween characters, apocalypse-themed vehicles, and vendors. The race series continues to draw thousands to each event.

After the first event, the series was purchased by Activeworks LLC and is now based in Texas. To date, Zombie Charge has infected Houston, Austin and set to infect other cities soon. Currently, Zombie Charge is planning to host two events in 2018 with the possibility of adding a third. In 2019, they are looking to infect four major Texas cities.

Mud Run Guide spoke to the team at Zombie Charge about their motivation and event.

The motivation to do Zombie Charge is based on the premise that fitness can be fun and not super competitive and yet be challenging because cardio is a key to survive the zombies while completing 12-18 military style obstacles within 3 miles. Our motivation is also to help people realize their potential and fitness levels in an open level event. 

Zombie Charge is also unique as they provide finishers with disaster bags with tools for helping families prepare for disasters. Something that you will not find at other obstacle races or mud runs.

While the zombies are most certainly the signature for Zombie Charge additionally obstacles such as the Spider Climb and Apocalypse Rig are not to be missed.

We asked Zombie Charge what the top reasons to check out this Texas-based race series.

1. You get to be chased by zombies…forget the whole “take my shirt off, best time” can you keep up your cardio while being chased by zombies on the course. 

2. Sign up to be a zombie and be transformed.  Maybe you’re new to OCR or just doing a first to break into a 5K type event, this is great and still a physical activity. 

3. We keep it fresh with new obstacles, locations, challenges each year. 

Finally, at Zombie Charge, the festival is one of a kind.  The race has a 5-foot custom zombie head as a photo op, zombie vehicles, characters and have vendors who give great swag! Participants get great shirts, head buffs, medals and disaster bag.

This year, Zombie Charge is planning to offer the Dual Experience where early AM runners can suit up as a zombie and chase fellow runners in later waves with one ticket.  Also look for the addition of an Extreme Survivor Wave (Elite Wave) with prizes.

If you are looking to test yourself in a new way this year, look no further than Zombie Charge. See if you can make it out alive as a survivor! They are waiting for you!



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