As editor-in-chief of Mud Run Guide, there is one substance above all that fuels me. Simply, coffee. The coffee routine at my house involves weighing and hand grinding freshly roasted beans, warming my mug and pour over set with one set of water. At the same time heating another kettle to an exact temperature before meditatively pouring over the beans.  Simply, it is my morning moving meditation. No Mr. Coffee here.

While it's been the quiet season here and my morning routine is in full force that is about to end. During the obstacle racing season, this 15-20 minute morning coffee meditation is not practical or available on the road. Especially during championship season when my frequent flyer miles and car odometer go into hyperdrive. One thing about traveling, and sometimes to strange locations, finding a good cup of coffee isn't always the easiest task. I don't have the time nor equipment to make that perfect morning coffee on the go. So I am always on the lookout for alternatives.

Recently, the team at STOKED Roaster + Coffeehouse sent over a few samples of their STOKED STIX single packaged instant coffee. Instant coffee has come a long way in the last couple of years. STOKED STIX offers a 100% organic medium Mexican Arabica Instant Coffee or dark roast Colombian Arabica Instant Coffee to go. STOKED Roasters + Coffeehouse is located in on of the action sports capitals of the US in Hood River, Oregon. With athletes from around the world coming to kiteboard and windsurf they know the meaning of stoke.

But back to traveling. One of the things that make traveling terrible for a coffee lover is gas station coffee or even sometimes airport coffee. Seriously, gas station coffee can be the worst. With this in mind, STOKED STIX offers a really easy way to carry a great cup of coffee with you. All you need is hot water, mug, and spoon.

Most gas stations will let you fill up your mug with hot water for free or maybe at most 10 cents (same with airports if you just ask). Don't like the coffee on the plane? Bring your own, repeating the step above. You will be much happier sipping on your organic cup of coffee at while those around you are drinking whatever it is that is available.

Going backpacking for the weekend? Packing a few instant coffee sticks can save on weight and make for an easy way to enjoy coffee in the morning. Just heat up your water in a jet boil and in minutes you have a steaming cup of coffee on a cold morning before conquering the day with adventure.

A pack of 8 sticks retails for $9.00. From one picky coffee drinker to another this is a perfect addition to your travel kit. Check out STOKED Roaster + Coffeehouse for more information on STOKED STIX and all their offerings.

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