This week on Training Tuesday, Spartan Race trainers bring you through a killer workout to help successfully complete the Spartan Monkey Bars. The focus on this workout is mobility both in the wrists and shoulders. Monkey Bars are a staple obstacle in the obstacle racing industry. With a little bit of mobility and strength, you can successfully complete this obstacle.

Spartan Monkey Bar Training




Wrist Mobility

Shoulder Mobility

Negative Banded Pull Aparts – 8 reps – 3 seconds

Monkey Bar Readiness Test

1 Minute Dead Hang

Hollow Holds – 5 Rounds

30-second hold

10-second rest

Bear Plank Crawl – 3 Rounds

4 Steps Each Way

20 Second Rest

Strength and Conditioning

Rope Pounds – 8 Rounds

20 Seconds on

10 Second Rest

Hip Bridge with Rope Climb – 3 Rounds

10 Reps

Front Raise with Negative – 3 Rounds

10 Reps

AMRAP – 3 Minutes

TRX Power Muscle Ups

10 Reps

Bucket Farmer Carry

25 Meters

Finisher Circuit

Cooldown Stretch


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