For this Training Tuesday we look to the team at Spartan Race. The team guides us through a workout to help prepare for the barbed wire crawl. Barbed wire or low crawls are a favorite obstacle not just for Spartan Race but for the entire obstacle racing industry. We break down the workout and give alternatives if you do not have a gym membership.

This workout comes from the team at the Spartan Gym at 1Hotel in Miami, Florida. This workout will help you build the strength you need to be able to roll or crawl through any barbed wire. For this workout, you will need a push sled or item you can push for part 1. For part 2 you need a Jacobs Ladder or set of stadium stairs or another long staircase. You need to be able to do 1 minute of work so plan accordingly. For the muscle-ups, you can use the TR-X like in the video, or find a pull-up bar in your local park.

Follow the video below for demonstrations of all the moves before attempting the workout. Below is a written description of the entire workout for you to bring with you to the gym, park, or where ever you find a good spot to get your grind on.




Part 1 – 3 Rounds

Deadbug 10 reps on either side

Quad Diagonals – 10 Reps on each side

Strict Bear Crawl – 10 meters

Roll – 10 meters each way

Bear Crawl – 10 meters for Speed

Burpee Sled Push – 30 reps

Part 2 – Endurance

Jacobs Ladder – 1 minute on – 20-second rest for 5 Minutes

(if you do not have a Jacob's Ladder you can bear crawl on stadium steps or other long set of steps)

Part 3 – Strength

5 Rounds

Muscle Ups – 10 reps

Gorilla Charge – 10 meters

Part 4 – Cool Down Stretches

10 – 15 Seconds for Each Stretch

Follow the Video for stretches. If you are comfortable with Stretching you can adjust to want you need to stretch out. Be sure to focus on breathing.



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