Over the weekend, socials started to buzz with a few posts online about the famed Death Race returning in 2018. For the past couple of years, the precursor event of Spartan Race had laid dormant. While those close to the race always hypothesized the event would one day make a return. That wish is now a reality.

In true Death Race form, questions are already arising about the event. People are speculating what is real and what is fake, and it seems the mind games have already begun for some. Currently known for the event (published on the Peak Website):

DR basics –

  1. You may die.
  2. You must qualify for the DR in one of 5 ways (see below.)
  3. You must register for the DR, there will be a fee of $4.31.
  4. Limited to 100 participants.
  5. $100,000 purse to be shared among finishers


Race Start:

  • The race will start July 11th at 7am.  There is a small chance that the date could be changed to Wednesday, August 22nd.  If the date is to be changed we confirm here and on Peak’s Facebook page by Friday, March 23rd at the latest.

To qualify –

You must be registered AND you must do one or more of the following:

  • complete an AGOGE
  • complete the Peak Bloodroot Ultra 100 while carrying 10% of your body weight
  • complete some other insane event we choose to recognize
  • have a Death Race skull you have earned
  • beg to be let in by emailing Joe at LetMeIn@Peak.com


  • You must bring a hair sample for to be used in case of DNA confirmation.


  • There will be a $100,000 purse to be shared among finishers.  Bring a truck, it will be paid out in 5,000 pounds of quarters.


Currently, a waitlist is set up for those trying to register, whether this is another Death Race test or excitement about the reboot has caused a swarm of registrations is up to the believer.

Who is Running the Rebooted Death Race?

Additionally, questions on socials have circled focused on who the people behind the Death Race reboot are. After the very messy and public separation of Peak Races business partners Joe De Sena and Andy Weinberg, those hoping for a reunion of the two will be hugely disappointed. Peak Races recently answered that question in an Instagram post.


One last thing to consider is the banner for this year's Death Race has the Spartan name with it but is housed on the Peak Races website, and as of recent the Spartan brand seemed to be separating from the Peak Brand. Does this mean the two will be more intertwined in the future?

As a former Death Racer myself, and involved in several races years ago as a volunteer and often a bit more it will be interesting to see how the rebooted Death Race evolves and how it will look for a new generation of Death Racers.

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