This week Training Tuesday is brought to you by Spartan Obstacle Fitness Training. The coaches at Spartan have created a workout to help you conquer the wall climb. Climbing over a wall is one of the elemental obstacles in the obstacle racing industry. However, this obstacle can be difficult if you are not used to moving your body weight around. The team at Spartan offers up this workout to help you build strength and body awareness.

Spartan Obstacle Fitness Training – Wall Climbs

The workout you need a pull-up bar, a wall to climb over, and weights for weighted pushups. If you do not have a wall in your gym or backyard scout out your local area for a parking garage with a cement wall or other natural wall you might be able to climb over. Have fun and be creative if you are working out at home.


Workout for Wall Climbs


5 Jumping Pull-ups

Warrior Pose (2 Poses) – 5 Reps Each Side

Wall Climb Techniques

Beginner Technique

Muscle up Technique

Flip Technique

10 Wall Climbs for Time

Strength and Conditioning

10 Heavy Pull-ups

3D Lunges (6-10 reps each side)

Spider Pushups (6-10 reps)

Power Stepups (6-10 reps) 3 sets

Finisher Circuit – 5 Rounds

10 Plyometric Pushups

10 Meter Crab Walk

10 Meter Lizard Crawl

Cool Down


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