This post was originally titled: “Ruin Your Shoes to Make Them Better” and I figured that didn't have as much SEO juice as anything with the word “Hack” in the title, so here you go!

I've been running in Icebug Enlights and Acceleritas since 2014, and have been pretty blown away by how incredibly different 2 pairs of shoes from the same small manufacturer can be. However, Icebugs have not been the best shoe for drainage. While cutting into a boutique obstacle racing shoe may seem like the largest obstacle racing sin. For those looking for better drainage on race day, there is another option.

Outlined below is a simple hack that Icebug themselves put out to help their Run Swim Run athletes that can also be adapted to the obstacle racing community. Just make sure the holes you drill aren't too big to let debris in!



Drainage can be a problem for many obstacle racing shoes, but with a simple modification, you can make any shoe drainable. Check out this simple hack to make for lighter well-drained shoes on race day.


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