Race Recap: Spartan Ultra Beast Killington Vermont

On Saturday, September 15th, 2018, I sat in my car with no medal, no t-shirt, no photo representing my Spartan glory. How dare I assume you could just show up and demolish a Spartan Ultra Beast Killington Vermont. Seriously, I'm kind of embarrassed. Looking back, I simply did too much.

I figured it was a perfect time to out myself. This is the face of an MRG Contributor and avid OCR enthusiast, who for some odd reason thought they could show up a few hours before a Spartan Ultra Beast and kill it. I have a new found respect for Spartan racers that travel. It's not easy. The body needs time to adjust and get prepared. Next time, I will plan accordingly.

After my first lap of the Ultra Beast, I did contemplate my second lap, I really did. But, I also contemplated just doing a Beast next time. Or, not register for the Competitive Age Group Wave. A few Vermont Ultra Beast challenges and honorable mentions included elevation and the dreaded Death March. Coming across numerous people on the ground cramping in pain are definitely moments you will never forget.

There are moments in our lives when we question our OCR prowess after a troubling defeat at the hands of a Spartan Race. I know I did. A DNF (Did Not Finish) doesn't feel good at all. Now, I feel like I want to do it again more than ever. I'm down for another round of a Killington beat down. I foresee this race in my future. Once again, thank you Spartan Race, for the challenge. You do what you, and you do it well.


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