The first of the major obstacle racing championships was last weekend outside Lake Tahoe in Squaw Valley. With many Mud Run Guide community members toeing the line for the Spartan World Championship our social media guru Bonnie Wilson decided to honor the achievements of our community at all levels. She combed through those posted tagged with #mudrunguide and picked two incredible athletes to spotlight this week.

Debbie Solis (debz_jazzy) took on the Spartan Ultra over the weekend. She writes: “Every Experience You Will Learn Something. On This Race I Learned to: Never Complain, Take it All in & Just Keep Moving… #PainIsTemporary#VictoryIsForever”


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Kyle Elliot (farmer__kyle) took on the beast over the weekend at the Spartan World Championships he shared that moment we have all felt in a race: “That moment you rest on top of the 8’ wall thinking back you should of been a man & asked that girl to Homecoming freshmen year in High School… But your face says, “oh sh#t the 31-degree swim is the next obstacle… Priceless!”


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