Happy Friday, Mud Run Guide! Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend, which means we are one step closer to spring– and extra sun at the end of the day means it's time to really kick your spring training into gear.

This week we are checking in with Sabine (@pippihendi) in Germany. She battled some nasty weather and a very cold lake swim at the Celtic Warrior race in Zillingtaler last weekend, but still finished the race with a smile.



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Next, we head over to Denmark to visit Mads Gravers, who is still paying for his last workout. I think we've all been there!

You know it's been a nice workout when your body feels like it's been beaten by 5 angry boxers ?️‍♂️?‍♂️ Legs were heavy this morning walking down the stairs ? maybe the double up “Samir Special” last night, which is a 1,3km tire-carry run, took a bigger toll than expected ?


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