Next up in my Bad Ass Kids of OCR article series, meet Drew Sherman. She started her Spartan racing career at 7 years old and continues to work hard towards her goals. Her small stature doesn't impact her spirit, determination and training efforts. Drew is here to prove to the world that being “tiny” doesn't have to stop you from accomplishing your goals.

Please tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Drew Sherman and I’m 11 years old. I’ve been Spartan Racing for 4 years.

What first sparked your interest in running OCR races?

My mom and dad started racing and I would watch them.

Please tell us about your first OCR race?

My very first was in Mammoth, Ca and I was five years old. I did the race with my older sisters who were 9 and 12 at the time. I remember beating them to the finish line.

As a younger participant in the sport, what do you find your biggest struggles are?

I’m very tiny for my age and don’t weight as much as my fellow competitors so heavy carries or lifting is what I struggle with the most.

Do you prefer to run in the competitive waves or in open heats?

I like running in competitive waves the most. I like running with the big girls.

How do you train for your obstacle course races?

I don’t really train too much right now. I just run and play mostly. I take one Spartan SGX class a week and the rest of my training is playing.

What is the biggest obstacle that you are working to overcome?

The biggest obstacle is anything heavy. It really slows me down. I’m only 52 pounds and that’s small for my age.

Do you play or participate in any other sports? If yes do you find this helps with your obstacle course racing?

Yes, I’ve been taking tumbling classes and it keeps me flexible.

As a younger athlete, who inspires you and why?

Faye Stenning inspires me because she’s tiny but mighty like me.

What has been your proudest OCR moment to date?

When I came in sixth place for my age division in the competitive Spartan Kid heat.

What has been your scariest OCR moment to date?

Nothing has scared me yet.

What big race goal are you working towards?

I’d like to go back and race the Spartan World Kid championship again.

The OCR community is a family. Do you find that when you are racing you see people helping each other out on course?

One time I saw these kids holding hands all the way through the race.

Have you ever done an obstacle course race with a parent or sibling? If so tell us about it?

I’m still too young to race Spartan with my parents, but I have raced other OCRs with my sisters and mom.  I liked having them there with me, so they could see me do everything and be proud of me.

Do you see yourself participating in OCR 5 years from now? If yes tell us why.

Yes, because I love racing. And I get to show the other “tiny but mighty” kids they can do anything big kids can do.

From your perspective, what can race directors / OCR companies do more of to entice kids to run the course?

Maybe encourage schools to have OCR programs, like doing OCR for PE. I would love that.

What is one takeaway you have learned from running OCR races?

I’ve learned to stick up for myself because even though I’m small, I’m very strong. Sometimes I have to Spartan Up and be heard because people underestimate me.

Is there anything else you wish to share with us?

I love animals.


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