The Virginia Motorsport Park in Petersburg, Virginia has been home to the Rugged Maniac for many years. This long-standing location continues to provide an attractive setting for beginners. Not to mention, skilled OCR enthusiasts. On May 4th, Rugged Maniac provided another seasonable OCR experience.

The Obstacle Challenges of a Rugged Maniac

To begin with, the OCR checkboxes for this particular race were happily checked off. Above all else, Rugged Maniac does an amazing job bringing balance to their races. Water obstacles? Absolutely. Warp Wall? Sure. Trampoline action? Why not. At the Virginia location, the racer's encountered a robust 3.1+ mile terrain. More importantly, Rugged Maniac has found that median between challenging obstacles and fun for the family.

The Rugged X Experience

The unlimited lap option of the Rugged Maniac X is perfect for any racer. For example, having to take a plunge into the Off the Rails each lap was an absolute pleasure. Together, with the inclusion of inflatable obstacles such as Feed The Beast, the race kept everyone fully engaged. Above all, no matter the degree of difficulty, each lap brought a sense of accomplishment.

On a side note, inflatable obstacles can be hot to the touch while sitting under the sun for hours. Consequently, while doing the Rugged X, obstacles like the Off the Rails can also have a long line during the packed afternoon waves. The chance of having to skip obstacles all in pursuit of running multiple laps is an option.

The Party Don't Stop

The start/finish line racers had the pleasure of listening to Touring Race Announcer/DJ Christopher Calandro. Simply put, there aren't many comical MC's like DJ Calandro. In addition to DJ Calandro, the addition of Justin Manning, a.k.a @medaladdict was a pleasant surprise. As Rugged Maniac's Festival Host and Official Pary Starter Justin continues to bring energy to the OCR community. Chris together with Justin provided exceptional energy on a blissful Saturday.

Keeping It Rugged in V.A.

Rugged Maniac has done a fantastic job keeping OCR enthusiasts engaged. Thankfully, with the inclusion of the Rugged X, Rugged Maniac has now turned itself into a quasi endurance race. Furthermore, to those looking for competition, Rugged Maniac also has a legit elite wave.  In short, an OCR season wouldn't be official without a Rugged Maniac on the calendar.

Photo credit: Rugged Maniac Photographer (Justin Manning w/award winners)



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