This week, we celebrated Global Running Day! Whether you love to run or do so begrudgingly to get to the next obstacle, running is a huge part of OCR.

Our first community member of the week, Andrea (@over50spartan) found the perfect way to celebrate Global Running Day: with her dog, Sally. Whether your favorite running buddy has two or four legs, friends always make running more fun.


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Happy #globalrunningday made even better when you can run with your favorite 4 legged friend! #running #trailrunning #spartan #fitnessover50 #fitover50 #badass #dogrunning #labradorretriever #runningmotivation #runforfun #spartanwomen #aroo #spartanracetraining #puppylove #ocrtraining #ocr

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Our next community member of the week, Mikey (@mikeydoesocr), is ready to Respect the Rest Day this weekend. After so many weekends in a row racing, he deserves a rest day! If you live in an area with many options for races each weekend, it can be hard to say no, but rest and recovery are just as important as hard training days.

Racing (or Resting) this weekend?

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