Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed something interesting when we shared the new 2020 Spartan Race medals last week.

For the first time, the distance was listed on the Sprint medal along with the number of obstacles.

Yesterday, Mike Morris, VP of Production at Spartan confirmed that they will be standardizing race distances for the 2020 season.

Sprint: 5k, 20 Obstacles

Super: 10k, 25 Obstacles

Beast: Half Marathon, 30 Obstacles

Ultra: 50k, 60 Obstacles

Spartan Trail races will also be standardized at 10k and Half Marathon distances.

Morris highlights that the biggest change will be to the Super, which will be moving from 8 miles to 10k, allowing for more obstacle density and less running. Spartan also hopes that the move to a 10k distance will make the Super more accessible to racers who have completed sprints in the past as well keeping in line with offerings from other race companies.

What do you think about Spartan's decision to standardize race distances? Let us know in the comments!

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