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Let's take a break from shopping and check in with our community members of the week.

First, we have Adam, who fought through the cold, rainy weather last weekend at Spartan Carolinas to finish the Ultra & Beast races and take home his 3rd trifecta of the year!


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@spartan Ultra Carolinas recap: You know sometimes when you have a plan and you are prepared for the known and the unknown, but then it's something you didn't even imagine? That was what this race turned out to be. I arrived early, dressed for the weather. I had packed all my gear and supplies the night before to ensure I had everything I thought I would need based on the expected forecast. 0615 rolls around and we get a little bit of a late start because they needed to ensure all the volunteers were in place. We set off about 0630 in the rain and 50 degree temps. The first lap of the course wasn't that bad and I only failed a couple obstacles even with the rain. I was pretty happy about that. By the time I made it to transition I was still on my planned schedule, but the temps had dropped significantly and the rain was relentless. I ate my fuel, repacked my supplies and changed into the warmest gear I had. Standing by the fire, many people really didn't want to go back out there in the conditions. I didn't want to go back there. But, I did. Many of us did. Had we known what was ahead, we may not have made that choice. The course was absolutely destroyed. It was not same race. This was something completely different. Sliding down hills of mud that flowed like lava, mud so thick that if you tried to run in it, you just wasted energy and didn't go any faster than you would hiking it, bottlenecks at both natural and man made obstacles, and the rain continued. Somewhere on this second lap I was running some technical downhill terrain and landed awkwardly on left foot and felt a sharp pain. Walked it of for a minute and figured it was just a sprain. I had started to have trouble regulating my body temperature and was running every step I could to try and help keep myself warm. Hiking and waiting in line at obstacles was the worst. My plan was out the window. At that point it became about just trying to finish the race and not have to take a DNF. The thought crossed my mind many times. “Can I do this? Should I stop?” Each time my answer was “STFU. They can pull my dead body off course, I'm not coming this far to fucking quit”. ***Continued in comments.****

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Next, we go across the pond to London's Spartan Stadion race at Twickenham Stadium. Congrats to Eva on a huge improvement from the Stadion race in Amsterdam! She'll be crushing the elite wave in no time.

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