FORCE5 OCR is bringing you a new type of virtual challenge where you can compete against other athletes all over the world for top rankings that include prizes and even a paid entry into the 2020 OCR World Championships.

What & When?

Beginning Friday, April 24th, FORCE5 will post two challenges per week for the next three weeks. You can complete the workouts as many times as you'd like within the 4 day period – workouts are released on Fridays and due by 11:59 pm ET on Monday – and submit your best score. Make sure to record your workout with your smartphone, as FORCE5 wants you to submit videos of you completing the challenges so that they can validate the workouts and award prizes.

Did Someone Say Prizes?

The top male and female pro will receive entry free into the OCR World Championships, and there will be plenty of awesome FORCE5 prizes as well for age group categories – along with a shot for OCRWC entries as well. Here's how it works:

Pro Male & Female: Top in each category automatically gains free OCRWC entry. If there are more then 50 entrants in each category, the top 2 win free entry, and for each additional 50 participants, another top entrant gets added to the list. Ex: 150 male pro entrants = top 3 gain free OCRWC entry.

Age Groups (5-year breakdown, wee FORCE5 site): If there are 50 or more entrants in a particular male or female age group, the top finisher wins free OCRWC entry. With each additional 50 participants, another top entrant gets added to the list. Ex: 150 female 30 – 34 entrants = top 3 gain free OCRWC entry.

What Do You Need?

All you need are two chairs, two towels, one broomstick, a door, a backpack that weighs 20 lbs, a measuring tape, and your sense of adventure.

Workouts will be validated and uploaded to YouTube for transparency.

Entry Fee

$25 entry (10% OFF with code mudrunguide)

Entry also gets you $20 discount on special FORCE5 kits

The winner of each division will get a paid entry to OCRWC in 2020 (see breakdown above). Winners will also receive a FORCE5 grip kit and other prizes based on the number of participants in your age group.

Ready to take on the challenge? Visit the FORCE5 website to register!

Use code “mudrunguide” for 10% off your registration!

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