Members of the OCR community are on the front line serving during the COVID-19 crises. Mud Run Guide would like to honor these amazing individuals and thank them for their service by sharing their stories. If you or someone you know is serving in an essential role during this time please email

Name: Michael R. Issaacs

Founder: Tri-State OCR

I am a registered nurse in the ER at a hospital in Los Angeles, CA (which will remain nameless to protect the innocent). We see COVID everyday. We have a specific section of the ER we have deemed Area-19 where we only care for COVID or COVID suspected patients. We are the frontline!

As for me, I am an avid OCR racer. Originally from New York where last year I founded a new team, Tri-State OCR which Is about 500 strong at this point. We live by the motto, “Time to be better” and we run each race with that in mind. OCR changed my life. I’m not fast, I don’t compete with the elites, but I have never DNFd a race and I never want a teammate to DNF. That’s our number one goal…. everyone finishes! In this era of quarantine, I have taken to running every virtual race I can find. I still need my blink and the sweet “clink-clink” of the medals.

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