EPIC Series has announced two virtual events for runners who are looking for something to jump-start their motivation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first is the Quarantine Games.

-The Event is FREE for all
-The event will take place on May 9th, 2020 beginning at 8:00 AM PST
-This event caters to all athletes from a bootcamp gym goer, to OCR and Crossfit Elite. Challenge yourself to stay in as long as possible and let's see some records broken!
-The event will be hosted via zoom and will be a last man and last woman standing competition
-Event will be an every minute on the minute challenge. Athletes will cycle through 3 sets of 4 exercises every hour i.e. (the first hour will have four exercises the first 15 minutes one exercise, second 15 minutes a second exercise, third 15 minutes a third exercise, the final 10 minutes a 4th exercise and a 5-minute break for athletes to go to the restroom, eat, etc.)
-If there is more than 1 male or 1 female remaining after 9 hours, they will host a sudden death competition on May 16th, 2020 to determine the champion male and female
-Male and Female winner will earn a coveted Epic Series Champion Belt as well as sponsor gear to be announced.
-They are hoping they get a few athletes that can make it to the nine hour mark.
– This is a hype event hoping to bring in a few thousand people around the world to take it on!

The second is the Quarantine Run taking place on May 16.

– It will be a three mile run with 12 exercises as well it will be broken into 1 mile segments and 4 exercises between. You can find the details of the exercises on their website. Epic Series Quarantine Run
– Event cost will be 15.00 with all proceeds going to local charities based on where athletes sign up. Athletes will input their city and location during registration so they can build up a pool in each of those cities to donate to.
-If the athletes are interested in providing charity locations in particular for their city they will be accepting those suggestions if emailed to casey@epicseriesocr.com for consideration!
– Athletes will receive an awesome event opportunity to support local charity, a Epic Medal built and designed in the U.S., a 50% off coupon for any Epic 2020 or 2021 event as well as a chance to compete against their friends and family on the leaderboard.
– They are also selling quarantine gams shirts that are 15.00 and limited run. The funds will go to helping keep Epic running during uncertain times.

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