The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000K is a virtual challenge throughout the summer the challenges runners to run across the state of Tennessee, virtually, of course, to raise funds and awareness for Feeding America's efforts in the state of Tennessee.

This solo race is a first of its kind virtual event brought to you by the legendary race director of the Barkley Marathons Lazurus Long.

The details:

The Great Virtual Road Race Across Tennessee… 1000 Kilometers

Laz and Durb (with technical expertise from Bad Mike) are putting together the virtual race of the summer:

1,000 kilometers across Tennessee from the very southwestern tip of the state to the very northeastern tip of the state.

We will have a map set up showing your daily progress across the great state of Tennessee.

Can you beat your buddies from the Mississippi River levee near Anthonyville, Arkansas to the high trestle branch off of Buckeye Hollow road way up in the Appalachian Mountains?

And when we say the Race of the Summer, we mean the whole summer!

It will start on May 1 and continue through August 31. To complete the race will require only a hair over 5 miles per day…  and those who want a little extra on their plate, you can do the out and back version… 2,000 kilometers.

Everyone can challenge themselves… and all comers!

We will have a fine looking commemorative shirt to all starters. For those who persevere til the very end we will have a medal that will be the envy of all… except for those determined suckers who get the double crossing medal for running all the way back.

So the question is; Who wants to play?

In true “Laz” tradition he explains what counts as miles for this challenge.

This should only be the distances you cover when you actually go out to run (or walk… I will be walking all of mine)… and yes, treadmill miles will count as well… and no, ellipticals do not count.  I know some people go thru the day bristling with more electronic devices than a spy plane, counting up every step they take from getting out of bed to retiring for the night… along with a few steps for driving across railroad tracks, jiggling their leg while watching TV, or any other activity that causes one of their devices to register movement. Those are not really fair….. What should be added to the daily tally are only the miles you cover while actually doing your daily walk or run, on purpose to cover some ground.

Please; no perry mason loophole searching…. You know the intent of the rule, and that is the rule.

The goal for this race was to raise $30,000 for Feeding America and they have raised over $31,000 before the race.
The deadline to finish the miles is the end of the day August 31, 2020.  You will receive a shirt for starting the challenge and a medal if you finish the distance.



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