About Anthony Matesi

Anthony Matesi is an athlete, entrepreneur and social marketing professional. He has competed twice in the Spartan Death Race with one finish under his belt, placed 3rd at the San Diego Alpha Warrior and is the author of the Legend of the Death Race. You’ll find him traveling the country racing in the Spartan Race circuit, directing the Spartan Hurricane Heats and HH12HR as well as coaching Spartan SGX at the new gym he helped open, REACH, located in Chicago, IL.

Not Your Average Joe: Death Race in Mexico

By |April 1st, 2014|

“Watch out!” a Death Racer shouted as the snarling bull charged across the ring slamming a racer against the wall. He was pinned to the ground if only but for a moment, the dust began to settle. Blood dripped from the bulls nostrils, not from a racer but from ramming it’s own face into the wall just missing it’s target. All across the arena crimson red bibs lay scattered about waiting to be collected by their owner. Up till now, the Death Race was an abstract concept, each racer asking themselves if they possessed the mental and physical strength to survive anywhere from 36 to 72 hours of punishment at the hands of the co-founder of Spartan Race. Now, as they all stood inside a bullfighting ring in an undisclosed location in Mexico, it became real. Entirely too real. Death was more than just a possibility.

Winter Death Race: Reflections from Hell Freezing Over

By |January 10th, 2014|

By the nature of its definition, a race typically has a defined start and finish. What you do in the race is usually a clear individual activity or series of activities. In a triathlon, you know you’ll be swimming, cycling, and running. Even most mud runs and obstacle races present their participants with a map and/or a listing of everything they’ll encounter along the way. The Death Race is different because racers participate for an undetermined amount of time and have no idea what activities they must complete.

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