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Avon Lake Ohio Huff and Puff Obstacle Run 2018

May 12, 2018

Klingshirn Winery

33050 Webber Road, Avon Lake, OH, United States


May 12, 2018

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Klingshirn Winery
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Race Start Time:

9:00 AM- 9:50 AM (Elite Waves)
10 AM -1 PM (Standard)
If all waves fill up we will be expanding the race times to later in the day.


Klingshirn Winery
33050 Webber Road
Avon Lake, OH, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

5k, 5mile


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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

$64.95$49.95January 1, 2018
$69.95$54.95April 1, 2018

What You Get / What's Included:

  • T-Shirt
  • Medal
  • String Bag
  • Wrist Band
  • Race Bib
  • Baggage Hold
  • 1 Glass of Wine


Course Description:

This is a 5K option - 5Mile race. All for the same price starting at only $40. We have world class obstacles; anything from the elite to your beginner. A truly fun and unique experience. We have our own trademarks like our 0.8 Mile Mud Trench. We will have you running, jumping, climbing, crawling, wading, swimming, sprawling, sliding, carrying, dunking, dipping, diving, shooting, and more!
Our race is broken up into 4 categories:
- 30+ Obstacles
-12+ CrossFit Challenges
-12+ Terrain Obstacles
-2: Zombie Paintball Zones

Small Walls-4’ tall walls. Participants jump over in a series
Wall-ter Plane-16’, 60 degree angle wall. Climb up ladder boards.
Rock ‘N’ Roll-24’ long rock wall with monkey bars in the center.
Jig Jag- 2, 10’ slanted walls participants climb up and over.
10’ RopeWall-10’ vertical, flat wall, with a rope to assist the climb.
12’ Rope Wall-12’ vertical wall with a rope to assist the climb.
9’ Wall-9’ vertical wall.
Cargo Net Climb-Climb up a 10’ slanted cargo net and down a ladder board. There will be multiple of these.
HyperFlex-A 8’ Slanted Wall connected to 20’ of monkey bars 8’ off the ground.
Hay Climb-Climb over 4 round bales in a series.
Rope Traverse-traverse across a rope hung 5 feet in the air.
Triple Threat-Climb over 3 walls in a series. Outsides are 10’ tall ladder board. Inside wall is 8’ tire wall.
Net Crawl-Crawl under 30’ of bird netting in the mud.
Fenced In-wade through a 2’ deep trench under a fence.
Under the Wall-submerge under water to get to the other side of a wall.
The Mud Slide-Climb up 8’ of tire wall and slide down a 16’ slanted water slide into a 3’ deep mud pit.
Grape Bin Jump- A 4'x'4'x4' grape bin filled with water in a series of 6.
Frozone-4'x4'x16' lined dumpster with water and ice.
Fire Bug- Fire Jump
Slanted Traverse Walls-2 sections of 8' long slanted walls participants traverse through different holds.
Slippery Dip- A 12' long, slanted wall, with a plastic covering and water drizzling down. Ropes hung at the top to pull yourself up.
Balance Beam Supreme-40' telephone pole with traverse walls throughout.
Flying Dutchman-Swing on a rope over 8' of water, to catch onto the cargo net.
Warp Wall-a 16' and 8' combination warp wall.
Slanted Rope Wall-12' of slanted wall with rope holds. Hang ‘A’ Rang-Split into 3 sections. 2 of the sections make up 25' long monkey bars, and the other section has a combination of hanging holds, ropes, and cargo net climbs.
Tree Climb-A 15', 3"" tree with holds hung from the trees.
Sternum Checker-7'x 12'
Victory Hill Slip ‘N’ Slide-A 120' water slide down a 60' hill.
Avalanche- A 10' diameter, revolving rock wall that one must make it up and over before it rolls you back down to the ground.
Intimidator- A 50' tall platform that participants will traverse a 10'x80' cargo net up to, then traverse an 80' rope back down. There will be a catch net underneath the structure. This is the obstacle that should most likely stand out to you.
Air Support- Part of the ""Intimidator"" Structure. A 20' free fall onto a 32'x16'x6.5' inflatable landing pad.
Low Rig- Similar to the one in the World Champs. 4' tall, 16'x wide and 20' long with various grips.
Long Rig- A 30' long rig with multiple grips of varying challenge level.
Klogger- Climb up a 10' vertical ground tube, while water is gushing down on you.
Anaconda- An 8' vertical flat wall to a platform, then slide down a 10' pipe into a mud pit.
Confidence Climb- 20' vertical, metal, climbing ladder wall.
Hill Top Rig- A 10'x10' monkey bar rig on top of a 60' tall hill.
12 CrossFit Challenges:
Burpee Station
Burpee Station
Atlas Stone Carry- 60-150lb Atlas Stones
Sled Pulls
Jerry-can Carry
Log Carry
Rope Climb
Stone Bucket Carry
Tire Flips
Sand Bag Carry -(Up/Down a 60' Hill). Bags vary between 50-100lbs.
Block Party- (Cement Block Pull) Pull a 60-100lb cement block by a chain.
15' Vertical Rope Climb
Pull Your Weight.- A weighted pulley pull.

10+ Terrain Obstacles:
River Crossing 1
River Crossing 2
Ditch Crossing 1
Ditch Crossing 2
75- 6-8' Mulch Hills
3- 25' Mulch Hill
2- 60' Hill Climb
The Pipeline- .5 Mile mud trench with varying depths, filled with water. Includes balance beams, tube crawls, and more.
3- Mud trench- 30' long with varying depths and filled with water.
2- Forest Swamp runs

Paintball Zones: There are two Zombie Paintball Zones. This is an additional Fun aspect we added to promote a future event that we are having next October. Participants have a limited amount of rounds of paintballs to shoot at a live zombie target.

Aid Stations:

There are paramedics on standby. There are three water stations, one of them is a banana/electrolyte station. We want you to refuel along the way!


Awards are at 12 PM.
Award Groups:
Top 3 M/F receive a Medal/Chiptole Card <18, 18-29, 30-50, 50>,
Athena/Clydesdale Division(Females: 160+lbs, Males: 220+lbs) Overal Top 3 M/F Receives
Custom Plaque
Chipotle Card


Spectators are FREE!


Standard: $5/car
Unlimited Spots Available
Address: Avon Lake High School Avon Lake, Ohio 44012 Details: 1.5 Miles Away
Bus Included
- Please Arrive Early to ensure adequate transportation time. 2 buses will be going back and forth all day.
Preferred Parking: $10/car
330 Spots Available
Address: Weiss Field Avon Lake, Ohio 44012 Details: 0.5 Miles down the road
Hayride Included
- Please arrive early to insure adequate transportation time.
VIP Parking: $15/car
60 Spots Available
Address: Klingshirn Winery Avon Lake, Ohio 44012 Details: Onsite (Within Feet of the event)

Post Party:

Post party includes a live DJ, Food truck, Wine bar/tour, Fitness Challenge, Local vendors, Bon Fire, Photo backdrops, Swag Pick-Up, Spectator Trails, Shoe Donation, Showers/Changing Rooms, and more!


Please arrive early to insure you are there for your wave in time.
-Please take note of transportation and check-in time.
<18 children requires parent signature and <16 is encouraged to run with an adult...Pets are not allowed onsite.
Make sure you sign up by May 1st to receive a T Shirt.


You are more than welcome to create teams for this race!

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