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Clermont Florida Monster Challenges Fall 2015

October 31, 2015

Arnold Groves

15000 Frank Jarrell Road, Clermont, FL, United States

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October 31, 2015

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Arnold Groves
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Race Start Time:

The competitive wave starts at 8:30
Non-competitive waves begin at 9:20 and will commence every 20 minutes until 1:00 pm.
Additional waves may added to accommodate all participants.


Arnold Groves
15000 Frank Jarrell Road
Clermont, FL, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

4 miles


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Average rating: 1.8 / 5 from 10 reviews.

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Use discount code MRG for $5 off your registration


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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

Individual CostUntil
$55August 2, 2015
$65August 30, 2015
$70October 11, 2015
$75October 24, 2015

Add $10 for timing for the competitive wave only at 8:30 a.m.
First responders and current educators 20% off use promo code: SERVEUSA
Participant and/or wave transfers are permitted through October 24, 2015.
Wave transfers are only permitted to waves that are open.
Sold out waves will not be available.

What You Get / What's Included:

  • New custom medal (specially designed for Halloween)
  • A specially designed t-shirt will be provided upon check-in
  • All finishers ages 21 and over will have access to one free beer.


Course Description:

This venue is primarily swampy. 1. Hello Humans: barrel jumps
2. Black Widow’s Web: approximately 12’ high A-frame covered with a cargo net
3. Big Beaver’s Dam: mud crawl through a tunnel of pine trees
4. Monster Bars: approximately 30’ long monkey bars crossing a 2’ deep mud pit
5. Bone Collector: approximately 12’ high wall made of reinforced pvc pipes, then down wood ladder wall on the other side
6. Goblin Hop: A series of hanging 10” PVC pipe
7. Giant Hurdles: log hurdles
8. Tarantula Traverse: Two wire ropes, one for feet, one to hold onto crossing a 2’-3’ mud pit
9. Big Foot Stairs: A-frame stairs made of poles reaching approximate height of 12’
10. Ogre’s Fence: approximately 8’ high log wall
11. Abominable Snowman: snow crawl
12. Argos: 10’ knob wall over to cargo net
13. Frankenwall: approximately 12’ angled wall with rope assistance
14. Lizard Leap: A series of raised stepped logs
15. Hobbit Maze: A maze of various obstacles
16. Slippery Slope: approximately 18’ high water slide (dirt hill with tarp cover)
17. Monster Moguls: several clay hill climbs
18. Bull Malarky: hill climb
19. Godzilla Steps: quad steps –participant steps from 45 degree wall to wall spread 3’ apart
20. Gator Walk: log beams connected with floating barrels over approximately 2-3’ of water
21. Stairway from Hell: floating ladders hang from the plank – participants climb up the ladders from the lake (water is approx.. 3’-4’ deep)
22. Don’t Bale Mountains: hay bale climb
23. “Eye” Beam: 16’ long steel I-beam over a mud pit. Participant must use their hands to traverse the obstacle.
24. Curved Creature: ¼ pipe wall ranging from 10’ to 16’ high with rope assistance
25. Quicksand Annie: mud pit (2’-3’ deep)
26. Tarantula Traverse: Two wire ropes, one for feet, one to hold onto crossing a 2’-3’ mud pit
27. Ghoul Grip Zip: Zipline over water approximately 2-3’ deep into mud pit 1-2’ deep
28. Sabertooth: mud crawl under wire (not barbed wire)

Aid Stations:

Water and aid stations will be located at every mile marker. An additional water station will be added at the 3.5 mile marker.
Paramedics and EMTs will be on standby.
Bananas, protein bars, and bottled water will be provided at the finish line.


The Claw Your Way Through award will be presented at approximately 11:00 a.m. to the top male and top female of the following age groups in the competitive wave:
• 14-20
• 21-30
• 31-40
• 41-50
• 51-60
• 61 and over


Claw Your Way Through Awards will be presented to the fastest in age group (male and female) for the competitive wave.
Prizes will be awarded to the best costume of an adult, a team, and a boy and a girl.


Spectators will be subject to a $10 parking fee and will have access to the main festival area.
Approximately 15 obstacles surround the main festival area.


Parking is $10 and is located immediately next to the festival area.
Carpooling is highly recommended.

Post Party:

The Monster Bash is filled with food and other vendors, along with a DJ/Emcee who is catering to the masses and urging participation in festival area games.


We recommend that all participants are at least 14 years of age.
All participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent/guardian.
If a minor is running without their parent/guardian, the waiver must be notarized and submitted at check-in to the event.
Our kid’s course is unique, and allows each registered child to participate as many times as you are willing to let them!
Little MONSTERS: $15 Pre-registered includes a t-shirt and a medal.
Race day registration will be $20 - t-shirts and medals may not be available to race day registrants.
Timing is only available to the competitive participants in the 8:30 a.m. wave.
Key check is free.
Gear check is available for $5.
Upon retrieval of your gear, you will be given $5 in Monster Cash which is usable toward the purchase of $10 or more in Monster Gear.
Fresh water showers are available immediately adjacent to the finish line.


Team members are encouraged to register for the same wave at the same time. Waves fill very quickly.

Coupons / Discount Codes:

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