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MONSTER Challenges continues to build…bigger, better, and definitely more challenging. We have increased the course to more than 4 miles and included more challenges and tons (literally) more mud. There are truly one-of-a-kind challenges – designed to not only challenge your body, but keep you wondering “what the hell else can be coming”. IMAGINE what lies ahead. FEAR the unknown. CONQUER that beast.

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Average rating: 1.8 / 5 from 10 reviews.

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Scam. I think that says it all. Read all reviews before signing up for any MCR races.

Complete Scam

I wish I could give less than a one star review. I also hope that whomever signed up for this event was not a first time runner. We need to grow this sport. The way this event was handled is way past unprofessional. A two day notice of a complete change of the course, venue, a good chance of having your car towed at your own expense, and no refunds. It feels like a set up from the start to steal money. I am disgusted with myself for falling for this scam. Please take my loss as your gain and avoid Monster Challenges at ALL cost. They will most likely change their name so they can continue to fleece the unsuspecting obstacle course runners. Remember the name Theresa Bonnell. Associate that name with SCAM!!!


Complete scam. Multiple changes. Only communication from Theresa Bonnell was FB post (NOT directly to me) and one email (after I have sent multiple) saying to prepare for Sat. When ONE PERSON showed up Sat., MCR sent an email to SOME registered participants stating they were leaving the venue and emailing our packets on Monday, 23rd, no refunds. Assuming Theresa is referring to a virtual packet???? Which cost much less than we paid for the actual race we paid for. In my opinion this a worse scam than the unorganized Mermaid Run. Not sure how people like this live with themselves.

A complete scam.

Oct 21, 2017 by Matt

After taking everyone's money. This organizer gave only a two-day notice about changes to the Run. It went from a 5k obstacle course mud run to a 5-mile run through the woods. Completely different! On top of that they shut down the operation before anyone that didn't want to still run could arrive. They sent out an email stating that no refunds would be given. I hope the mud run guide no longer allows them to post events.


Oct 19, 2017 by Paula Bailey

I can't even give this poor excuse for a race a half a star. It's a shame that people can be so openly corrupt. We signed up for this event thinking it's just like all the other fun races we've done before, but now, it looks like we will never hear from the organizers as we request a refund because all of a sudden, this is now a "trail run" and not an obstacle course. Even worse, they said on Facebook that they sent out emails to announce the change, a week later, no emails.. so those that are not subscribed to their FB page do not know that the location and time is now different. They're doing poorly on responses and when we were questioning them via Facebook comments, they kept deleting them. So we know they're receiving our messages, they just choose not to respond. Hard lesson learned. Shut this race down altogether and stop advertising it.


This race was advertised as an obstacle challenge. Days before the race they change it to a trail run and they changed the location. Only found out cause a friend watches their FB closely. No email from the organizers and I can't get a response about a refund. Also, they won't even post the events details. This is definitely a scam run by a bunch of incompetent people.

Dont sign up for monster challenge

Changed venue and changed the type of race with no notice to the runners. Have emailed for a refund but there's been no response. Don't chance wasting your money.

Monster challenges is DEAD

Aug 18, 2017 by Joel R.

Monster challenges closed its doors in 2016 and this brand has been taken over by a bunch of scammers looking to make a buck off of everyone. DO NOT sign up for this race thinking it will be the same as it is DEF not the same race filled with obstacles and fun after parties.. This new race has maybe 5 built obstacles that were scraped from re purposed wood. DO NOT DO THIS RACE!!

May 22, 2016 by Stephen

Loved it!! I have a a group ready for more!!


Apr 12, 2015 by Kristin

This was my first time in any event like this and I had such an amazing time! I am hooked and will be back! Thank you for all you do!!

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 1.8 5.0 10 10 Scam. I think that says it all. Read all reviews before signing up for any MCR races.