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Everett Pennsylvania Muddy Bloody Run 2017

May 21, 2017

Tenley Park

Tenley Ln., Everett, PA, United States


May 21, 2017

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Tenley Park
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Race Start Time:

The first heat starts at 1:00pm. Last heat starts at 4:00pm. Heats go off every half hour. 30 people per heat.


Tenley Park
Tenley Ln.
Everett, PA, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

4 miles


Muddy Bloody Run

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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

Adults CostStudents CostUntil
$25$10Registration Closes

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Chip timing
  • Schwag TBD


Course Description:

The course is rugged with almost 40 named obstacles. All obstacles are as optional as we can make them. Take your time. Enjoy! Here are the descriptions of some of the obstacles:
The Molasses Swamp: What a great way to get your feet wet… Really wet!
The Milo Vine Crawl: How low can you go? You’ll need to hit the dirt to get through this twisted vine.
Tony’s Ladder: Tony did a good job, but Structural Fiberglass, Inc. could have done better!
Tire Mountain: It’s not Everest, but you’ll have fun anyways.
Miguel’s Tunnel of Torture: Hold your breath and make a wish… that you are able to crawl out of this tunnel!
Bridge Over Troubled Waters: This upward sloping log bridge over some serious nastiness!
Rocky Road: Watch your step… This isn’t a walk in the park; it’s a walk on the wild side!
Holy Snikes!: Exactly what you’ll think when you reach this steep climb.
The Ridge. The next 10 obstacles are rocky outcroppings that you have to scramble over.
Devil’s Teeth: When you see these rocks you’ll think you’re stepping into Satan’s smile.
Climb It or Crawl It: But hold on for your life either way…
Pick an Edge: Left or right, you still need lots of balance and a little luck.
Knife Blade: Don’t get cut!
Rock Hopper: Not your typical stepping-stones.
Yes, You Gotta! You gotta get over it, that is.
Silas! The king of the mountain… Do you dare to challenge him?
Falling Action: Falling? Just don’t look down.
Braveheart: This view will make you want to scream: “Freedom!”
At World’s End: Or just the end of the ridge.
Denouement: Extremely steep downhill with loose footing
Balancing Act: Teeter totter: This would be even more fun on a mountain bike at Grouseland Tours.
The Log Leap: You’ll wish you were a frog when jumping over this log.
What the Zeke?! The end of this tunnel will leave you yelling “What the Zeke!”
Jimmy Mearkle’s Logarithmic Descent: Zipline out of a large oak tree.
Operation: Don’t touch the sides. Log bridge
Training Day: Light feet, knees up! You’ll be thinking of football camp…
Yes, Drill Sergeant! Crawl through the mud.
Rope Forest: You’ll be scrambling high and low to get out of this maze.
Hop, Skip, and a Jump: You won’t end up at six flags, just back into more mud.
Baby Jake’s Playpen: Jungle Gym made of logs
Timber! Log Bridge
Curse of the Black Pipe: A creek, two trees, one black pipe. We’ll see if you have the upper body strength to cross
Tarzan Swing: You may not be the king of the jungle, but give a loud yell, anyways!
Zeke in the Creek: Keep your balance or you will be in the water, too! Log bridge
Odin’s Demise: The Great Oak has fallen. Will you, too? Log bridge
Happy Enchilada Hill: “It’s a Happy Enchilada and you think you’re gonna drown. That’s the way the world…”
AEW! You’ll say aewww if you fall in! Good thing Patriot Telecommunications made these wires sturdy! Cable Bridge over pond
Kelly’s Last Laugh: It’s really not funny that you have to go up another steep climb.
Wet ‘n’ Wild: Slip and slide to the bottom of this hill.

Aid Stations:

We have two aid stations. One at the start/finish line. Another about a mile and a half into the course. This aid station is positioned so that runners can be assessed before/after climbing the ridge as well as serving as a staging point if a rescue needs to completed on the ridge. First Aid as well as any evacuations will be performed by members of the Blue Knob Ski Patrol. Water is at the aid station in the middle of the course. Fruit and water is available at the finish line.


Spectators are free, and they are allowed to roam the course. We ask that children under the age of 13 are accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.


Parking is pretty limited, but there is additional parking along Old Sandbank Road. Carpooling is always a good idea. Better to share your stories on the way home!

Post Party:

Hot dogs and drinks can be purchased at the finish.


We have had runners as young as 6 and as old as 70 participate. We ask that participants under the age of 13 be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.
We give a donation to the Everett Vol. Fire Dept who hoses runners off after they finish the course. After costs are paid--we really work to keep costs down!--profits are split between the Everett HS/MS Renaissance Foundation which funds student activities and the Tenley Park Recreation Board which maintains and improves the park.
We don't have a minimum age. We leave that decision up to the parent to make. Our goal is to promote healthy fitness in a self-challenging environment. The youngest participant was 6 years old. We ask that participants under the age of 13 be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.
Kids run the same course at the same time as their parents. Students under 18 do get a special rate.
The only obstacle that involves water is AEW!!! This is a cable bridge over a pond. In the couple years that we have had this obstacle, over 200 people have successfully completed it. Only one, my middle son, has ended up in the pond. We do staff this obstacle with a responsible adult who has a throw rope to aid anybody who might fall in the pond.
Participants can choose to hosed off after the race by members of the Everett Volunteer Fire Company. They bring out their brush truck. There is a bathroom at the park that one can change in.


You are welcome to race as a team. Many teams even make their own T-shirts for the run. Just sign up for the run the same way. But, there are no official teams. There is no special scoring for teams. There are no team discounts.

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