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Honolulu Hawaii The Siege Race 2015

June 27, 2015

Gunstock Ranch

56-250 Kamehameha Hwy, Laie, HI, United States

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June 27, 2015

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Gunstock Ranch
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Race Start Time:

First wave in the competitive/elite wave starts at 9:00am.
Additional waves are released every 30 minutes until 1:00pm.
The waves will have 50-200 people per race wave.


Gunstock Ranch
56-250 Kamehameha Hwy
Laie, HI, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

5 Miles


The Siege Race

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Average rating: 1.33 / 5 from 3 reviews.

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Use discount code TSR10MRG for $10 off your registration


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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

Individual CostService DiscountUntil
$70$60June 6, 2015
$80$70June 20, 2015
$90$80June 26, 2015
$100$90Race Day Registration

Service Discount refers to a discount for Law Enforcement/First Responders and Military. No refunds will be given. Wave times may only be changed to a later wave that has a team assigned to it. You are unable to change to an earlier wave time.

What You Get / What's Included:

  • T-Shirt
  • Custom sticker
  • Finishers medal
  • Goodie bag
  • Free professional photos of you during the race
  • Admission to the Siege Party (free massages, sponsor givaways, prizes, family games, live music, etc.)


Course Description:

Gunstock Ranch is tucked into the mountains of Oahu's north shore. The course is full of gradual to steep hills that stretch up to an incredible lookout over the entire windward side of the island. The course is designed to truly challenge you and your team. You will face 25 of the most diverse and challenging obstacles in the industry as you make your way through mud, sweat, and tired burning muscles.
Obstacles you will face plus some additional ones we like to save for race day!
The Tower: Is it harder to climb a vertical rope or one at a loose 45° angle? No matter, the manhole straight above your head will beat them both. Then to top it off, lowering yourself onto a cargo net from the second story will test any remaining stabilizers as well as your control of mental capacities.
¼ Pipe: We would never leave out the opportunity to face a quarter pipe, but why not toss in a few extra walls on the back side to make sure you are sufficiently tested?
The Jungle: Nothing breaks the knuckles, makes the shoulders scream, and wakes up those lats like having to swing from across lines of free hanging rope and chain intermixed. Don't take our word for it; let's see what you've got.
The Sobriety Test: As if it wasn't enough to carry a 7 foot pipe (one that is too big to grip and weighs…well, we'll let you find out) at shoulder height, this one is partially full of water! Your core will be begging for mercy as you try to walk this straight line!
Gladiator: Who will you face on the pedestal? Late in the game, you are both tired, but the sooner you finish, the sooner your Siege Party begins. Whoever falls first must stay to battle again!
The Barricade: Yes, anti-tank barriers are daunting, but a web of them is sheer madness. Climb, jump, crawl, and dodge your way through the barricade without being torched.
The Walls: There is an unspoken requirement of any true Siege, to face a wall. We will make sure that need is sufficiently satisfied. High walls, mid-walls, and hole-in-the-walls will all be taunting you to find the quitter. A conqueror lets nothing stand in their way!
Pyramids: Your eyes will argue that these pyramids don't stack up to the Egypt's pyramids, but your legs will beg to differ!
Ain't no Monkey Bar: This is no playground. There are no bars. With every peg at a different height your eyes, hands, shoulders, arms, and especially mind must be working with synchronized precision in order to pass the test. Many will lose the coveted ""redpoint"" when they realize that these ""Ain't no Monkey bars.""
The Sloth: You may start on top, but it won't last long. You will find soon that 30 feet of slippery pipes that won't stop spinning seems more like 100 feet and that you wish you would have paid more attention to the sloth at the zoo. There's not one muscle in your body that won't be begging for relief by the end of ""The Sloth.""
Balance beams: Your balance may be good, but once your major muscle groups have reached their volitional failure and your stabilizers must take over, it may be a different story. That would be if these were simple balance beams…This is not the case! Not many will walk off of the beams.
Reamed! It is all about the transition. ""Reamed"" is one of the reasons why training events are so crucial. Moving from pole to log, while inverted, on an ascent is one for the emperors among us.
Crawlers: What would an obstacle race be without getting down and dirty? You may have noticed how an ice bath doesn't seem to clean off the mud from crawling under barbed wire. Rather, it just tests your mental grit and will to continue… especially when you see another set coming!
Caterpillar: We guarantee that you, from the day you Lay Siege, will never see a caterpillar moving without thinking about how you could have crossed that gap between hanging tubes. This obstacle is not for the weak of core.
Heavy Hurdles: How will you pass the heavy hurdles when your legs are too tired to jump, your arms to weary to pull, and your resolve starting to weaken? Did we mention the reason they are heavy is not because of how tired you are; it is because you may not drop the baton (and this is no ordinary baton)!
Climbs: Tires, ropes, chains, and cargo nets… The Siege Race may be a 5 mile race, but that doesn't include the distances you will be in a pure vertical ascent…and they will not be few! The climbs present a unique challenge to our competitors – your body may give up before your mind does. How deeply can you dig? We want to see the exhilaration on your face when you realize that you had so much more in you than you thought possible. The climbs will prove it.
The Crevice: There are many techniques to cross The Crevice. Some try a chimney move, others the spider press, and others a crab walk, but only with strength, coordination, and stamina added to a successful technique will you come out dry!
Every wave of attack will face these obstacles and so much more – to include tire runs, heavy drags, bag carries, mud holes, and more. LET NOTHING STAND IN YOUR WAY and you will come out conqueror.

Aid Stations:

There will be first aid/water stations each mile throughout the course and a main First Aid tent at the finish line.
Trained paramedics will be onsite and on standby for any serious injuries that might occur.
There will be water and fruit at the finish along with additional food for purchase.


There will be an awards ceremony at The Siege Party after the race.
Awards will be given to the overall winners for Men and Female participants, Fastest Team, and largest competing team.
The awards for each will be customized Siege Race plaques and prizes from our various sponsors.


The Siege Race offers Siege Race merchandise and other prizes from our various vendors and sponsors to winners of various contests held during the race and Siege Party.
Best team effort, pullup contest, best costume, and several others we have saved for race day are some of the contests we will have.


Spectators are able to come and watch for free and enjoy the entertainment and activities of the Siege Party.
There will be areas where spectators are able to watch some of the most challenging, entertaining, and exciting obstacles on the course.
Bring the whole family as we will have activities for kids including a special kid’s race on their own course designed for them.


Parking will be $10. We recommend carpooling to save you some money.
The parking is onsite and near the registration area.

Post Party:

The Siege Party kicks off when challengers start rolling across the finish line.
We will bring in a local band to promote the local scene as well as an MC to keep the party rolling well after you finish the race.
The Siege Party will have food, contests, prizes, performances, and so much more.


We will allow you and your to switch to a later time if you have team members in a later wave. You cannot switch to an earlier wave only to the latest wave with a team member in it.
You are unable to transfer your registration to someone else after you have registered.
You have to be 16 years old to participate in The Siege Race. If you aren't quite 16 years old you can test yourself out on the kids race to see how you stack up. Bring a change of clothes and shoes so you can enjoy The Siege Race Party even more as well as not destroy your car on your drive home.
We will have a bag check tent for you to check your post-race gear.
You can wear whatever shoes you want as long as it can get you through the course without injury. They will get dirty and we mean DIRTY! So always give that some thought.
We are partnered with RODS Racing which helps raise money to help families adopt orphans with Down syndrome. Each event will be focused on raising money for a specific family to aid them on their journey to provide an opportunity for a child to have a better life. Each family will be at the event to thank you for your support and tell you about their story.


Sign up and make a team to get a team rebate. The larger the team the larger the rebate. Here is the breakdown of the different team rebates offered: 5-8 runners / $10 rebate per runner, 9-12 runners / $12 per runner, 13-16 runners / $15 per runner, 17+ runners / $18 per runner.
Team rebates are how the team discount is given. Each team member will receive a rebate back to the credit card used during registration a few weeks after the race. This is to make sure you get the best discount as you can have friends join your team all the way up to race day.
There will be awards given for the largest competing team and the fastest team to finish.

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