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Pack 25+ of the most diverse and challenging obstacles into a five-mile race and you may be looking at The Siege Race. We intend to challenge you on every facet of your physical, mental, and emotional abilities.

Our challenge to you is to use every obstacle in the race, and in your life, to achieve your full potential.

You prove your mettle by facing challenges that seem daunting. Only then do you find your true strength and rise to greater success.

The Siege Race provides a challenge for every level of athlete.

Start at our training events to try out obstacles, work out with trainers, watch others overcome obstacles, and prepare for your next obstacle race. Work your way to the ultimate competitor seeking to ‘redpoint' a race (complete the race while overcoming all obstacles in only one attempt).

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What a scam

Jun 10, 2015 by Nick Jones

I bought into this thing before looking into its history, what a mistake! Every single race these boneheads have tried to organize has been a complete failure. They tried twice in Colorado and it was pushed back followed by a complete cancelation. Then in Maryland they canceled it an hour before it was set to start. Most reported that the Maryland one would have been a total wreck anyway, with nothing being ready to go and almost no organization. The Hawaii one that I signed up for was postponed and then very quietly canceled. I only found out that it was canceled from a reply to a comment on their facebook page. Their twitter, website, and facebook have tried to completely bury their string of failures and aren't up to date at all. I originally signed up for this because I used to go to church with one of the guys running it and it looked like fun. Boy, was I wrong. If these organizers ever pop up anywhere else again RUN! I got my refund, but it came out of nowhere and I never even recieved an email about the cancelation. Very shady!

Jun 18, 2014 by Kim

Race was cancelled due to unsecure obstacles on race day. I am trying to obtain a refund as the race was cancelled at no fault of mine but no one responds to emails. Not sure I would sign up for this race again even if the price was discounted. On the day of race none of the organizers could tell you anything or seemed to know anything. This would have been my first time doing a mud event and I was really looking forward to it. I signed up for the The Dirty Run in Aug 2014 and this one is sponsored by the Seal Teams. I am really looking forward to this race!

Great promises followed by disappointment

Jun 14, 2014 by CEA

I had high hopes after the website hype, the descriptions of the obstacles, the established venue. The race seemed challenging and the organizers on it. I cannot speak to the obstacles because the race was cancelled 30 minutes before it began. I can speak to the fact that very few people signed up and that the race volunteers were not well-informed by organizers, nor were check-in, baggage check, PA system set up as of 9am, just an hour before the start. Even as news trickled down to the few of us milling about that the race was cancelled because the excessive rain over the last week made many obstacles unstable, no announcement was made by email, on the website, or on the Facebook page. Organizers were courteous, apologetic, and disappointed themselves, but they should have let us all know earlier, or gotten the word out to participants not yet arrived via the many avenues possible.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 1.3 2.0 3 3 I bought into this thing before looking into its history, what a mistake! Every single race these boneheads have tried to organize has been a complete failure. They tried twice i