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Miami Florida Mud Factor 2019

October 26, 2019

Amelia Earhart Park

401 E. 65 St., Hialeah, FL, United States


October 26, 2019

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Amelia Earhart Park
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Race Start Time:

Participants will start the mud run in 20 minute waves (11:20, 11:40, 12:00, etc…) The first adult wave of the day will be 11:00 AM. The MF Kidz waves will be at 10:00AM, 10:20AM and 10:40AM. Mud Factor may add wave times later in the day and/or expand/combine waves at event management’s discretion. We suggest arriving at least one hour before your wave time.


Amelia Earhart Park
401 E. 65 St.
Hialeah, FL, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:



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Average rating: 1.93 / 5 from 83 reviews.

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Who’s Attending?

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Cost & Pricing:

Individual CostUntil
$65Registration Closes

Sorry, NO refunds under any circumstances.
You have the option to transfer your registration to a friend or family member, or you may receive credit for a future Mud Factor Obstacle Race next year
Absolutely NO online registrations will be accepted after online registration closes. Request to modify any details of registration information must be submitted prior to this date. This includes wave time, date, participant information and location. Transfers may only be made to a wave that has open space available

What You Get / What's Included:

  • Mud Factor Bandana
  • Mud Factor Achievement Medal
  • Mud Factor Tattoo (optional)


Course Description:

Each mud run obstacle is venue specific, and each course is challenging & unique:
Triple Threat
Mud Factor’s Triple Threat obstacle has three 24 foot wide, 15 foot high structures for you to scale, back to back. They are set to 70 degree angles on either side and each structure has a different face – with cargo nets, ladders, paneled walls, and suspended climbing ropes, be careful of the mud left behind by your fellow Mud Runners.
Rope Climb
It’s 10 feet high and 24 feet wide with 45 degrees on both sides. You are covered in mud from head to toe and you have to make it across this Mud Factor Mud Run Obstacle. Use the attached ropes to help you get up and over. A great Mud Factor Mud Runner will not leave their Mud Buddies behind – so lend your friends a rope and a helping hand!
Slip n' Slide
It’s almost like we’re giving the Mud Factor Mud Run Fun away for FREE! You have a 50 degree Obstacle to climb, but once you’re at the top, it’s all downhill from there. And what better way to coast down the slope than to Slip n’ Slide down this Mud Run Obstacle Favorite! It’s 15 feet high and 24 feet wide with two 35 degree lanes to descend with your Mud Buddies down the Mud Factor Mud Run water slide obstacle.
Mud Crawl
On your bellies, Mud Runners! Your Mud Factor T-Shirt is way too clean. This obstacle is 20 feet wide and you must crawl beneath wire suspended 2 feet off the ground. Stay low, you’ve got 50 feet to go with wire every 6 feet. For all you math majors, we give you a bonus foot at each end of the obstacle.
Staggered Hay Bales
Stagger through the Staggered Hay Bails for 100 feet of the Mud Factor Mud Run. It’s fluttered hay pails high and low. Navigate over, around or even straight through this Mud Factor Mud Run Hardcore Obstacle, but watch out! Covered in mud, that hay might stick to you, terrorize you and you’ll be flapping around like the Scarecrow in the Oz.
Tire Run
At 50 feet long and 20 feet wide, this traditional military style Mud Factor Mud Run Obstacle might not seem so bad… until you get your foot stuck in the mud. But keep it moving! Your fellow Mud Factor Mud Runners are close behind you. Move it, Move it, Move it! RUN!!!!
Wire Crawl
Drop to your hands and knees! Your Mud Factor Mud Run has just turned to a Mud Crawl. Slither through mud on your belly for 50 treacherous feet. Encounter wire stretched across this mud obstacle every 3 feet. Be careful not to plant your face in the mud – the wire is only 20″ off the ground. This section of the course is 20 feet wide, so crawl with your Mud Factor Mud Buddy and have a raucous laugh as your friend face-plants in the cement like mud.
Cargo Container
The first time through the Mud Factor Mud Run Cargo Container is a piece of cake. Run in one side and out the other. That is, until you return. The second time around, you’ll be climbing cargo nets up, across the top and down the other side in this Mud Factor Mud Run obstacle.
Tight Tunnels
We hope you’ve stretched out with your Down Facing Dog. In the Mud Factor Mud Run Tight Tunnel Obstacle, you’ll be walking on all fours again through one of three tunnel obstacles. They are all 4 feet in circumference and 25 feet long. If your Mud Buddy flakes out in front of you, you better give them a push, cause there is only one way forward in the Mud Factor Mud Run Tight Tunnels.
Big Tunnels
Are your shoes and shorts muddy yet? Feeling dirty? It’s time to run through the rinse cycle and wash that Mud Factor Mud Run off of you. Race through the Mud Factor Big Tunnel Obstacle! It’s 30 feet long, 8 feet in circumference and filled waste high with water to wash away those Muddy Blues.
Rope Climb
It’s 10 feet high and 24 feet wide with 45 degrees on both sides. You are covered in mud from head to toe and you have to make it across this Mud Factor Mud Run Obstacle. Use the attached ropes to help you get up and over. A great Mud Factor Mud Runner will not leave their Mud Buddies behind – so lend your friends a rope and a helping hand!
There are 4 wall obstacles stretching 20 feet wide across the Mud Factor Mud Run. Each wall is 4 feet high. You must climb OVER the first wall, then UNDER the 2 foot gap beneath the second wall. Got the hang of it? Great! Do it again – climb OVER the third wall and UNDER the fourth. Now RUN!!!
Mud Factor starts with the finest of Dirt. Then we add crisp, clear water. Mmm… Mud! It’s only a 20 feet wide, 50 feet long mud pit – almost too easy. So, for your obstacle inconvenience, we drop a load of Barrels in your path. Dodge, Climb, Crawl and Creep your way around them, but make sure your shoes are tied on tight – you don’t want them getting stuck in the mud!
Sure-wood Forrest
The mud is not your arch-enemy in this Mud Factor Mud Run Obstacle – it’s the Trees of Sure-Wood Forest. Scrape the mud off your feet and get dodgy! You may know where you are and you may know where you need to be, but you’ll have to dart left and right to make your own bee-line through the rugged forest.
Cargo Net
Feeling like you’ve been two close to the ground, stuck in the mud? Time to go for a climb. This Mud Factor obstacle is 24 feet wide with a peek of 15 feet high. You must climb up the 70 degree cargo net on one side, across the top and back down the 70 degree, 24 foot wide ladder, safely back to the ground.
Shallow Mud Pit
We started with Mud, added more Mud, then covered it with Mud. This Mud Factor Mud Run Obstacle is 50 feet long, 24 feet wide and filled with 6 inches of thick, cement like mud. Walk, crawl or roll through the mud pit and don’t leave your Mud Buddy behind. Give them a drag and a laugh if you must!

Aid Stations:

Mud Factor medical personnel will be present during event times. Medical personnel, at their discretion, may remove any participant from the event if/when necessary.


Spectators $10 cash at event. Festival area access only.


Parking is $15 per vehicle, please have cash available.
Motorcycles always park free


Mud Factor was created to offer a 'Seriously Fun!' alternative to the 'tough guy' mud runs. We measure our success by how much fun our participants have, not how intimidating the course is. The Mud Factor experience is not about how fast you run, it's about celebrating that you took on this challenge... and finished!

MF Kidz, or Lil’ MFers as we like to call em’, is an opportunity for your 4 – 13 year old child to conquer Mud Factor just like Mom & Dad. They will experience the same Seriously Fun Obstacles Run (some of the largest obstacles will be scaled down in size) only in a shortened version, fast forwarding to the good parts! The course will be approximately 1 mile for the 4 – 8 year olds and 1.5 to 2 miles for the 9 – 13 year olds. Along with the same big smiles, Lil’ MFers will be shown the same respect – tattoo, bandana before the run, and the same achievement medal when they cross the finish line.
Lil’ MFers will run at the first wave of the day, so they will get to hit the obstacles before the adults muddy them up. The bigger MFers (ages 9 – 13) will start at the front of the wave. A few minutes later, the littler MFers (ages 4 – 8) will be unleashed! Parents will be encouraged to follow them alongside the course, especially for the younger MFers.

The atmosphere at Mud Factor events is geared toward adults. Waivers for participants age 14–17 must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
Like a coat check, our gear check is available for participants to leave what they don’t want to hold onto while participating in the obstacle course. A Gear Check is available for $5 to store your personal items. Your Bib Number acts as your claim ticket.
Costumes are not mandatory, but fully embraced by the Mud Factor family.
Shoes are mandatory – Lace ’em UP!
Though we love pets, please leave them at home. Some of our participants may be allergic or frightened of animals and we wish to provide a seriously fun atmosphere for all.


Teams are encouraged! A Team Leader should first a Team Name and Password during registration. Then, pass the word on to all of your Teammates who will want to join your Team during the registration process. It is highly recommended that you choose a wave time with an ample amount of spots available, then make sure your entire team signs up as quickly as possible so that you can run together so that you can run together. Team members are not automatically placed in the same wave time.

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