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Sanford North Carolina Rogue Alpha Rush Zombie Mud Run 2015

October 17, 2015

Rogue Alpha Rush

5184 Saint Andrews Church Rd, Sanford, NC, United States


October 17, 2015

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Rogue Alpha Rush
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Race Start Time:

Gates open at 5pm first team leaves at dark.


Rogue Alpha Rush
5184 Saint Andrews Church Rd
Sanford, NC, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:



Rogue Alpha Rush

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Cost & Pricing:

If you bring your headlampIncluding a headlampUntil
$35$47August 1, 2015

Prices after August 1 TBD

What You Get / What's Included:

  • T-Shirt
  • Medal


Course Description:

Rogue Alpha Rush has been developed to challenge the heart, body and mind. 
The course has been set up to push your body without being so difficult that a beginner can’t finish.  
Over 15 obstacles have been configured in a way that will still challenge an experienced obstacle racer. 
If you’re intimidated don’t be, if you’re over confident think again. 
If you’re wondering how a Mud Run can be designed for a novice runner but still challenge an “Athlete” click sign up and lets see!

Aid Stations:

First Responders will be stationed on the course.


Spectators are Free.


$5 per car.

Post Party:

To be announced.


Local News Report
An inside source shows that an experimental bio chemical weapon has been released near Sanford, NC.
A security convoy escorting a new Radiated Virus was involved in a traffic accident about 30 miles south of RDU.
The convoy was headed to Fort Bragg for final testing and to be converted to weapons grade.
Early reports show that the virus outbreak has had an unexpected effect on people outside of a controlled environment.
Once dictated in movies and tv show we are now facing a true Zombie Apocalypse however, there is hope!
A camp is set up just North of Fort Bragg to escort the uninfected to a safe zone.
The Rogue Alpha Rush Extraction Team will be escorting the uninfected on October 17th 2015 to a secure location.
This trek will be extremely dangerous and cover over 3 miles.
Expect to encounter a muddy trail, obstacles and possibly Zombies / Marauders along the way.
The Rogue Alpha Team has developed a Survival Plan including Rules For Survival (see below).
To ensure a safe and timely extraction check out our race day info page and sign up today, before it’s to late.
Steps to Follow for survival!
1. Uninfected sign in for extraction.
2. When announced report to the Starting point to meet you Extraction Team Leader.
3. You must stay with you Team Leader throughout the extraction process.
4. You will run as a group for the duration of the 3 mile course.
5. All obstacles will be completed as a team to ensure survival.
6. If you lose any of your first aide flags you may regain for 10 BURPEES.
7. Loss of power and moments of complete darkness are likely during extraction. It is best to remain calm and wait for instruction from your Team Leader.
8. If running at night head lamps must be worn along with Chem Lights.
9. Once back in the safe zone all flags and flag belts must be returned to Rogue Alpha Extraction Staff.
Again it is important to stay with you Team Leader.
This is a theme run, for fun and not for time.
Understanding that running with a team may require one to slow your normal pace .
Not to mention our Team Leader may be running up to 9 miles during our extraction process.
If this is a problem for you don’t sign up for this event.
We want you to have a good time and have a great experience.

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