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Spartan Death Race 2013

June 21, 2013

Pittsfield, VT

Pittsfield, VT, United States

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June 21, 2013

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Pittsfield, VT
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Pittsfield, VT
Pittsfield, VT, United States - View Map

Distance & Course Length:

40+ miles


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Average rating: 4.17 / 5 from 209 reviews.

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Use discount code MRG10 for 10% off your registration


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Cost & Pricing:

$300May 1st, 2012
$600December 31st, 2012
$900June 1st, 2013 (registration closes)


Course Description:

This is the ultimate challenge. The Death Race is designed to present you with the totally unexpected, and the totally insane! This endurance race is comprised of mud runs, obstacle racing, trail racing, physical challenges and mental challenges all in a +48 hour adventure race. 90% of you will not complete this endurance race. Please only consider this adventure style race if you have lived a full life to date.

The hurdle and challenge-driven race requires competitors to complete a series of (15-20) grueling mental and physical challenges throughout a 40-mile course that runs through the Vermont woods. During the Death Race, competitors may be asked to chop wood for 2-hours, carry a 20-lb stump around for hours, lift 10-30 lbs rocks for 5-hours; build a fire, cut a bushel of onions, crawl through mud under barbed wire, or after 20-hours of racing, memorize the names of the first 10 U.S. Presidents or a Bible verse, hike to the top of a mountain and recite them back in order.

Post Party:

Post Race Party – music, food to purchase, and beer*!
*Beer where applicable and following all drinking age laws.


We highly suggest you come to a Death Race Camp before attempting this race. Death sounds cool until you’re dead.

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