Spartan Race Beast distance races

The Reebok Spartan Race Series offers four different types of races and distances for the OCR athlete:

Become a member of the Spartan TRIFECTA Tribe by finishing one of each Spartan distance: Sprint, Super and Beast, in a calendar year (January 1 – December 31st), anywhere in the world. 


The beast race series are held throughout the world on various types of terrain. The Beast distance was first introduced to the Spartan Race series in 2011 at Killington, Vermont just down the road from the companies original headquarters in Pittsfield, Vermont.

  The Beast races can vastly vary from one race to another. They can be held on flat fields, rolling hills, or nearly vertical mountain terrain. Each race is different. The length of a Beast varies from 12-15 miles and consists of 30+ obstacles depending on the location. These are the long distance races for Reebok Spartan Race series. This distance is the third part of the Spartan Trifecta pie. Each of these races participants receive a green finisher medal indicating the beast distance and green piece of the trifecta pie.   There is also the Ultra Beast which normally consists of two laps of the Beast course. There are less than 5 Ultra Beasts in the world currently and have been held in Killington, Vermont; Hawaii, Canada, Australia, and in 2015 Lake Tahoe. These races receive a special medal and a green piece of the trifecta pie.   Distance: 12-15 Miles   Mud Factor: Varies, some are dry some are extra muddy   Obstacles May Include: Bucket Carry, Hercules Hoist, Clif Multi Rig, Rope Climb, Monkey Bars, Sandbag Carry, Slippery Wall, Inverted Wall, Spear Throw, Traverse Wall, Cargo Nets, Walls, Rolling Mud, Tyrolean Traverse, Fire Jump and a variety of terrain. SAVE 15% with code MUDRUNGUIDE15 Save 15% on all Continental United States Spartan Race open heat, excludes Elite heat. Some event restrictions may apply.

Upcoming Spartan Race Beast distance races

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